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  1. Thanks a lot for all your help. I had raised my concerns with HR about the whole process and unilaterally extending the informal review period beyond initial 1 month period without informing me. Now they seemed to have backed down and there will be a restart of the informal process on 3rd September when I am back to work. There will be again one month review period and they will judge me at the end of that period. Any suggestions on how to get through this? Seems keeping a low profile and doing everything right is also not good enough. When I told my head of department last week that for one a
  2. Hi. My head of department had agreed for a period of observation of 1 month. I was not given any plan of improvement or any written communication of areas of concerns. Now after one and half months later all of sudden he scheduled a meeting on Friday (last day before I go on long parental break) a meeting and told that my performance hasn't improved and that he is starting a formal performance improvement process. During the meeting when I asked him specifics about why he thinks my performance was not good enough, he had no answer. He said he will send an email later in the day. Meeting is sch
  3. Hi all, I am an IT developer and my work is to write software for my employer's website. I am having a bit of trouble at work. I recently finished 2 years with my current employer. My head of department has started first phase of a capability process. It means he discusses with me issues and will observe my performance for one month. He has put two points 1. My interaction with the team and 2. Do it right first time. I recently worked on a project along with another developer. I took lot of initiatives on this project and did 80% of work. So it was kind of assumed that I am responsible for t
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