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  1. That’s fab news you guys on here have been absolutely brilliant and a god send I can’t thank you enough!
  2. Yes I will do, if confirmed is that it over? The letter says that no further court action will be taken against me at this time and I’d be notified in writing prior to any further legal action in the future, also that I’m still liable for the debt and the clients agents Robinson’s way may contact me to discuss matter further.
  3. Howard Cohen sent a letter saying client had reviewed and considered personal circumstances and chosen not to proceed with legal action. And went onto say find enclosed by way of service upon you a notice of disvontinuance which is then attached?
  4. Mediation was a waste of time, I then sent of I&E and a f&f settlement offer detailing a medical condition that severely disabled me and means I don’t earn much money and can’t afford any more. Today I received a Notice of discontinuance but also says Robinson way may contact me to arrange repaying the debt? last payment was October 2009, county court claim started June 2015, is this over now, is it statue barred or should I now negotiate with Robinson way??
  5. Thank you, there never was a default notice only a template until very recently! I shall use that in my defence tomorrow if promted.
  6. Since I put in my defence in 2015 they have sourced all the relevant paperwork and issued me a copy so I’m really worried about what to say when asked to explain my defence?
  7. Thanks Andy, i have mediation booked for tomorrow though, the small claims court rang and booked the appointment?
  8. Thank you I thought it meant it had been lifted already. Do you have any advice on what to say during mediation please?
  9. Default2010-min.pdf I struggled with this, I hope its ok Thanks in advance Default2010-min.pdf
  10. There are 14 pages of the application notice further 25 pages attached which includes copies of letters received from them inc. copy credit agreement, dd mandate, statement of account, default notice, notice of assignment, settlement offers, evidence of means forms. Which do you want to see please
  11. I’ve just looked through the mountain of paperwork most recently sent from them and there does now seem to be a default notice dated 2010
  12. I have mediation call booked for Thursday, I know you don’t think this will happen but I’m worried in case it does and I’m unprepared. I have no idea what I should be saying & not saying, whether I should admit to the debt etc the email says I will be asked to clarify my opening position that I should briefly & accurately explain my claim or defence? Any advice would be so much appreciated please
  13. Thanks for the advice Andy, theyve supposedly agreed to mediation So I will ring back and book later then see what happens
  14. Hi, so I’ve had a message left from the small claims mediation team to ring and make appointment which I will do today. Is it worth me making a settlement offer now or leaving it until mediation? I’ve paid them nothing in 10 years, their claim is for £8500 & they’re last letter offering settlement to me asked for £5500 then I received another saying any reasonable offer would be considered. What would be considered a reasonable offer at this stage please? Thanks so much in advance
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