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  1. Shame, I paid the re-issue one on Monday as it was my last day of the discount. Interestingly, this time I had the 14 days plus 2 business days of assumed delivery time of the pcn, so they must have changed their system after my appeal. Annoyingly I had a feeling that I was right in that they cannot simply ignore my appeal and instead send out a new pcn instead. I just couldn't be bothered to ignore the new one and demand a response to my initial appeal. I doubt I can go back now and contest the payment being made :(
  2. Hi everyone, I had a PCN for the Dart Charge, I forgot to pay the fee the next day. The Contravention time and date was the 09/07 at 11:24. The PCN issue date was Friday 17/07. At the bottom of the PCN it clearly says *service of this notice: Unless the contrary is proved, service of this penalty charge is deemed to have been effected on the second working day after the issue date shown at the top of this page. This would mean that my statutory 14 days would start counting on Tuesday 22/07 and give me until Tuesday 04/08 to pay. However
  3. I have drafted an email response to SIXT telling them the course of events and that I am not assuming liability. Furthermore, that I know the damage was there before and that they would have to prove to me in photos that it wasn't. I just wanted to double check that I should send it, even though I put my signature under the agents comment on his PDA on the return of the vehicle. I hope they didn't trick me into assuming liability with that signature. :/
  4. unfortunately I signed something on the agents PDA on our return to acknowledge the damage. Can I still refuse?
  5. Dear CAG members, I hope someone here could help us with something urgent. We only have been given 7 days for this. We hired a SIXT car from London for 1 week. When my partner and I collected the vehicle the vehicle was very dirty. I said I didn't mind it, as I didn't want to wait for 30 minutes for the agent to clean it. However, my partner said that we should have them clean it, so we could see the damages that are already present. "Fair point..." the agent said, "...but remember you have paid a premium for zero excess, so it doesn't matter what damages are present already, as any
  6. Hello everyone, I took out a vehicle insurance online via one of the van insurance comparison sites beginning of this month and paid the deposit of around £250 upfront with the first instalment of £130 coming out shortly after on the 10th of Feb. Now, I just got home and had a letter (dated 20/02) from the insurance company, or rather the broker as it turns out, telling me that the insurer (they don't mention the name of the insurance company) advised them that my policy must be cancelled within the next 7 days. "This is because of where your vehicle is kept overnight". The vehi
  7. Hi, so good news is, it's all rolled back. Bad news is that I just received the NtO again, with the same mistake on the address line again, so thanks mister post(wo)man for knowing too well where to drop this Anyhow, as this NtO is 2 years too late, am I right in assuming that this is unenforcable? I read somewher years agoo that PCNs are only valid for 1 year (if no further correspondence received), no I hear 6 months? Is that true? Can I just say that the time to enforce has lapsed and appeal on said grounds? Thanks in advance everyone!
  8. I completely forgot after all the waiting game. :/ Just updated the old thread. Thanks!
  9. I forgot to update this thread with the final outcome. The adjudicator agreed with the appeal and asked the LA to cancel the initial PCN. Thank you so much again everyone!
  10. Yes, I will just proceed this way, ie sending the witness statement pointing out that neither the CC had a door number nor the OfR and hence leads me to the believe that no NtO was received due to the same mistake. I think I never appealed the PCN, because I never received a NtO until now.
  11. No, the above background was a different one. I actually managed to appeal the LA decision with an adjudicator and he agreed with me that it should be cancelled.
  12. Hi all, a bit more than a month ago I received a 2 year old PCN from southwark that I had completely forgotten about. I noticed the letter had no house/door number. It looked like one of the neighbours put it on the envelope in pencil and then delivered. I ignored it as I believe I don't think that it is enforcable without having officially delivered and having my full address on it? As far as I am concerned it could be someone else on the street. The post lady however knows ofcourse that it must be me and keeps dropping them with my other mail.
  13. Great! Thanks a lot Jamberson! Just submitted everything. Fingers crossed they get back to me soon with positive news.
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