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  1. Eversir; this is exactly my concern, I have spent 4 years of hell living in a cold property using little to no appliances, using minimal washing loads and taking short cold showers in winter while some unemployed idiot upstairs has been running 3kwh fan heaters at my expense since 2011.. The only thing I can think is they will work off averages and estimations like most suppliers (which from my research should still give me about a 50% refund), but I genuinely believe my usage to be closer to 20% of the amount iv paid than 50% All I can do is get former tenants to fill out witness st
  2. Yes I will have a read, thanks again. Just to clarify, when youbsay the landlord is responsible, we mean that the landlord is the one who connected my property to the communal area and never split the supply.. But am I still correct in thinking that it shouldn't be my responsibility to chase? Should it still be npower that refund me given that I'm being charged for usage that isn't contracted between myself and npower (usage not at my property).. Or does the fact the landlord is responsible for the supply being on the same meter in some way mean that I do have to recover the mon
  3. I'm west Yorkshire > Huddersfield Property was converted around 20years ago I believe, and it doesn't look as though its been recently "hacked" I think it's just always been wired up that way and I'm the only one who's noticed. Edit; after speaking to a former tenant he seems to think that my flat (basement) wasn't converted at the same time as the rest of building and landlord was using it as storage, thus why its tied to the communal areas. He then converted the basement but never split the supply Thanks for your post it has helped clarify what I though, and a quick check a
  4. Yea that's something I will likely look into tomorrow, as stated I have made lots of videos and detailed photos so am not too concerned about someone correcting the wiring, seems like it might be the landlord I need to persue from what most have said so far. Who's responsibility would it be to fit a new meter? I believe its going to be a case of either split the supply so the communal area has a separate meter and its own account for energy, or we have a sub meter fitted that allows me to accurately gauge how much energy the communal area is using, then recover this on a monthly/quarterly
  5. I have documented everything in great detail, including me killing all power to my supply and recording the disc in the meter still spinning, then also killing power to the communal areas and the disc stops. Have also documented me plugging a table lamp into all sockets to confirm they are active also just in case. Have considered the statement from an electrician but wasn't sure it was necessary with all the video evidence and pictures, there is nothing in my tenancy regarding this. As stated previously, people on another forum seem to think it is not Npowers responsibility and they
  6. Yes, I made the letting agent aware and they said to keep them updated and let them know what Npower say. I have asked this question on another forum and a user there has told me that it will not be Npowers responsibility, and that I will have to discuss with the landlord to get my money back. This totally contradicts what CAB told me, so now I'm unsure again. Am I contracted to pay for the electricity used at my address or the electricity used by my electric meter? It was my understanding I pay for the electric in my house, and if Npower (as legal owners of the meter) are billi
  7. Hi all, new to the forum so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place. This is quite a long post as I want to be as thorough as possible, any advice would be appreciated. I moved into my property (2 bed flat, all electric, no gas) in November 2011, shortly after moving in (Feb 2012) I received an electric bill from Npower for around £80/month in electricity. At this point I made a huge effort to lower my usage, to do this I did the following as well as many other things; I reduced my washing machine usage to 2 times a month, I turned off my water heater and used cold water only, I lim
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