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  1. Again, directly answering my questions seems to be a hefty ordeal somehow. Targeting easy passages of filler text to argue which were otherwise irrelevant. Providing unnecessary details was my own blunder, granted. The urge to waffle is too great. I will give credit to Stigy for confirming that there are 1 or 2 "nil-paid Unpaid Fare Notice of Penalty Fare Notice" which can in turn be cancelled. A very disappointing response to hear, especially when stating "most operators", but an answer nonetheless. "Penalty Fares are in fact intended for hone
  2. No sarcasm, purely genuine. I've not heard of a thread in a forum to not be discussion based.
  3. I don't understand. Yes? What other types of threads are there?
  4. @ Ros1609 & firstclassx, In regards to allowing sufficient time; I'm not stating that it's advantageous to enter the station at the last second. I myself arrive 2 or so minutes prior to a known train departure each & every time (as Ros1609 would suggest), along with everybody else I know. A 10 minute suggestion, however, is unrealistic & unreasonably finicky due to the mere fact that these trains run every 10 minutes. Either way, this is merely subjective. Whereas 10 minutes to yourself & 'x' other people works for you - 2 minutes to myself & 'x' other people work
  5. Hey there. I'm just an average commuter via TFL, & would like to ask some questions. 1) Let's say I am in possession of an annual ticket for all zones. If I lose my ticket during transit or forget my Photo-Id proof to verify the ticket belongs to me - will I be able to avoid a fine later on? Or will the probability of being fined be almost certain? 2) If I'm entering my local station, & a series of RPI's are camping the entrance, are they supposed to be checking people entering the station, or those leaving? -> I ask, for if my train is just hitting the platform,
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