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  1. Thanks. I think I will go ahead with this route before filing a N244.
  2. I don't know of any late payment charges or insurances, will have to enquire into that. So even if use the fact that I had no correspondence with Arrow Global and there had no reason to expect legal proceedings, that still may not be a good enough defence?
  3. I have scoured forums and I have found stories where people living abroad where able to get a cci set aside pretty easily.
  4. Yes I was aware that the debt existed before moving. For a long period of time I had not heard about anything about the account. As for seeing if a DCA would agree to set aside, I was thinking that maybe I would ask them to support my set aside on the condition that I would settle the account in full if they did so.
  5. I am also planning on contacting the DCA to see if they will agree to having the CCJ set aside.
  6. The debt is for a store card opened in 2010. Arrow global go the CCJ.
  7. Yes I do know now what the debt is for, SabreShop. I was hoping that, if I could get the ccj set aside then I could move to settle the debt. Is that a viable on the assumption that the ccj is set aside?
  8. No, I was not aware of this debt before i left the country. I had not received any correspondent so no reason to inform them about my move abroad.So i had no idea i was being chased for this debt.
  9. A CCJ has been set against me while I was abroad by the Northampton county court. The judgment was made in February 2015 I have been living in Paris since September 2014. I only found out about this after I checked my credit file. The amount is for £609. I intend to have this set aside by making a N244 application. At the moment I am thinking that I will base my defence on the fact that I was not served the court papers due to the fact that I didn't recieve the court papers as I am living in Paris. So I wasn't given the opportunity defend or dispute the claim. Crucially, I was also denied the opportunity to settle the claim within 28 days which would have had the claim set aside automatically. I can prove that I have been living in Paris. Any help on or insight will be greatly appreciated.
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