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  1. Any defaults i have will be 6 years old in 2016 for all in one fiance and 2017 for Marsh. just wanted to tidy things up thats all. whast the best way to go about reclaiming the misold cover and any any default fees charged by the finance co. I have asked them for a full break down of charges, payments etc..
  2. no court order for payments, just charge of 5035 plust costs. totlaling £5690 Marsh have advised that they can charge daily intrest at 1.24p aday if they wished but waive this to assist me ! but will not enter any negotiations aboutthe sum..
  3. i know about the 6 year clean up thing but its better sorted now then down the line.. If they dont negotiate can i not take it back to court or make a appeal of some form some where.. right now im not making a payment. as anyintrest is held off so all i need to clear is the 5500k Warrenty you mean the NAC cover misold by carcraft? which unfair charges.. i would have thought that if i offered a fair lump sum they would accept.. say for example the default is 2500 and i offer this plus intrest accumilated from then to date.. they would loose rough 1500.... figures give or take few pounds
  4. Hi looking for some advise here, i purchased a car from Carcraft in 2010, we were missold a warrenty which i am still disputing with all in one finanace. The car fianace was with Marsh Finance, we made full paymenst for teh first year or so and then run in to financial difficulties " new baby" this caused a marriage breakdown, i contacted Marsh and advised of teh sistuation they were helpfull and i asked for the car to be taken back. the car was taken and i had figure of around 2800 oustanding, i argued this with marsh as teh car was worth a lot more than they auctioned it off for. payments were reduced and my marriage dissolveed it has been 2 years and were are still divorcing, in this time i had contacted Marsh and given them a statment of means as i could not afford payments. this led to a charging order on the house etc. as i had my head in the sand for a while i over looked a lot of what was going on.. i am in a position where i may be able to clear off a few debts inorder to clean up my credit file, borrowed money off family, Marsh have refused any negotiation or offer to clear the debts.. id there any way i can push this ? thanks in advance
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