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  1. Well for the sake of speeding the comunication with them I provided them with the data they already have. No harm in that. Now they asked me very politely if I want to settle the matter over the phone or continue emailing. I said I want to settle this over emails.
  2. I had a response from them today: If you still wish to correspond with us via email, Wage Day Advance have a responsibility under Data Protection Act 1998 to confirm some security information; Please reply to this email with your enquiry along with the following information; * Full Name * Date of Birth * Full address * Last 4 digits of your Debit Card number -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Your email is important to us and we will endeavor to respond within 48 hours to your enquiry. I provided them with the data they needed. Now waiting for another response
  3. DD is due this monday. My usual income is around 1500 a month, but now i will be having around 2/3 of that due to my time off work and it would leave me with like 300 pounds to live for another month . And no, I dont take any benefits.
  4. So my adventure with payday loans started off innocently, but as I have come to a realisation each time I paid off the debt to them I was left in no choice but to take out another loans and so on. This now leaves me with almost 700 pounds of debt (which started off as a 200 pounds). I have written to them partly using this template: -Wage-Day-Pay-Day-Loans-Letter-Template-for-non-payment-** Dear Sir / Madam, I have found myself in a situation where I will not be able to pay off the monies owed to you in a lump sum which is to leave my account on 15/06/2015. I will not have any funds in my bank account for you to collect your payment to cover my loan, or pay any of my household bills as my wages which will be paid in on 15/06/2015 were severly limited due to my health problems. After paying any priority debt ie. Household bills I will be left with very limited ammount of money to live. Please can you therefore with immediate effect, not attempt to take any payment from my bank account, either by direct debit or using my Visa Debit card details supplied as this will mean I will incur further charges from my bank and have even less money to enable repayment of my debts. I would now at this point like to arrange a payment plan with you and freeze any further interest and charges going forward so I am able to pay off my debt with you as quickly as possible, contacting me either by letter, e-mail or on my personal mobile number only. Contacting me at work would cause me further distress and I would also class this as harassment as I do not wish to be contacted at any point regarding this debt whilst at work. It is with great regret that I am having to ask for a , but due to these unforeseen circumstances which have now effected my ability to repay the loan to you in one lump sum, I have no other alternatives available. For my protection, and from a legal point of view, I would like to inform you of the following: You have 3 methods of contacting me (letter, e-mail, personal mobile - which has voicemail enabled for messages to be left) which should be more than adequate for your company to communicate with me regarding the repayment of the loan. I have no doubt that your company fully understands my situation and will adhere to Section 40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970, and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 whilst I am arranging repayment of the loan with yourselves, and throughout the duration of any repayment period. I am fully aware of the OFT debt collection Guidance and I will consider making a complaint about a company's behaviour under the guidance if it becomes apparent that you do not follow the legal guidelines and would have no other alternative than to seek legal advice. In particular section (2.2 g) 'Ignoring or disregarding debtors' legitimate wishes in respect of when and where to contact them, for example, shift workers who ask not to be telephoned during certain times of the day'. I have also read and been made aware of CPUTR and will be following everything closely to ensure that your company follows the legislation set out. I look forward to speaking with you soon regarding setting up a payment plan to enable Full and final settlement of my loan over the coming months. I do hope however, that we can arrange a payment plan to alleviate the stress of my whole situation, and to also enable the repayment of the loan to your company as promptly as my finances will allow. I look forward to hearing from you and will help in any way I can to organise repayments with your company as soon as possible. Kind regards, I will keep you posted with any replies from WDA. I've read that canceling the direct debit and securing my bank account from them is a priority.
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