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  1. As an update. I asked for an extension to provide the information to the Ombudsman, which needs to be substantially large given the incompetence of the adjudicator. I want to leave nothing to chance. I asked about the FOS' reasonable adjustment policy and no one there had a clue what I was talking about. I also provided a letter from my GP to state that I required the extension as the FOS process itself was causing unnecessary stress. I was given 1, yes one working day extension. So, Lucky7even, you may have a point about the FOS not taking into account individual circu
  2. Has anyone referred the service issues with the Independent Assessor? I'm considering doing so after having some of my issues upheld by the adjudicator's Head of Department (who interestingly declined multiple offers by me to chat through some of the issues). I've always been polite and you can't control the voice/ tone that someone else 'hears' when reading text, so I find it beneficial to speak to your 'judge and jury' before they make a decision. I've also offered to have this 're-adjudicated' with appropriate care and attention which means that this would be a two stage process as per the
  3. This is in the disclaimer at the bottom of the consumer complaint form: § I understand that you will need some personal details about me, that you might need to share information I give you – including sensitive or personal information – with the business involved and other relevant organisations, and that you might need to ask them for information that’s relevant to my case. Ask the adjudicator if there is an equivalent disclaimer on the firm's side. If so, then it appears that the adjudicator themselves is deciding what the firm wants to share or not. Y
  4. I am in the process of a complaint regarding my late Father's estate. His medical insurer have withheld information relating to who provided his healthcare since 2009. Medical records are available to me under the Access to Health Record Act and I have requested this from a number of institutions which formed part of a litigation process surrounding invalid/ potentially fraudulent Wills. The health insurer stated that it would be a breach of the DPA to provide this information and invited me to gain appropriate legal status. At great expense, I did. They still refused to provide me with t
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