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  1. Firstly, sorry for not replying earlier I've been away all week. 1) Q from NATHAL It didn't get to court. A&L acknowledged the claim and stated they fully intended to defend it. Approx. 20 days after acknowledgement I recieved the cheque and a note from A&L asking me to contact Northampton county court to inform them the matter had been finalised. A&L closed my account 5 days later without any prior notice! 2) Q from Bluebeard What has happened to you didn't happen to me. I can't understand why they have deposited £100 into your account, unless you agreed this amount in settlement of your claim. If they have deposited £100 into your account and you didn't agree to any kind of settlement I would contact A&L and ask them to remove it. If they refuse, continue with your court action for the original amount. I would also send them a letter after you've started court proceedings explaining this. 3) Q from Robbie 1 I recieved the exact same message. I think it was about 20 days after they stated they were going to defend the claim that I recieved, without any prior notice the cheque through the post. Hope the same happens for you! Happy to help!
  2. Finally!. A&L sent cheque this morning for full amount of £2800.00. I had to go all the way to the small claims court, but they settled (as we all know they will) instead of appearing in court. For those still fighting it out, stay patient and determined and you will all recieve the money these institutions have (EDIT) from you. GOOD LUCK! If anyone wants to ask questions about any part of my claim against A&L I'll do my best to answer them! No1 advice: TAKE THE TIME TO READ THROUGH THE FORUM AND FOLLOW THE ADVICE. Edited - Please refrain from the use of language that could be libelous
  3. Hi, this is my first post so if I'm doing something wrong I'm sorry! I had a bank account with Abby national for many years and was regurlarly hammered with charges. Approx 2yrs ago I set up a debt management plan with the C.C.C.S (consumer credit counselling service) and they now make regular monthly payments to my creditiors. One of these creditors was Abby National to who I had an outstanding overdraft with on my bank account. About 5-6 months ago Abby National sent me a letter informing me that they were now handing my bank account over to a debt recovery firm to deal with. The only difference for me is that I now pay this firm instead of Abby National. I feel quite bitter towards Abby National for the many thousands of pounds in charges they siphoned off me during a difficult period. I recently asked for a rundown of all the charges I had accrued over the last 6yrs and was told they would'nt provide them as my account was now closed. The question is: can I reclaim charges paid against an account which is now closed?? Any help will be greatly appreciated vigour
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