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  1. Actually it has not been in his garage all this time it has spent at least 5 months in a farm yard and having looked at her yesterday she is showing the fact, but on the plus side we will be able to save her in the insurance pay out is what we are expecting.
  2. Yes I have just been speaking to the valuer and we have agreed a god price on the vehicle and is sending that across to the insurance company, so it is now just a matter of getting them to agree a salvage value, we are at this moment arranging a safe place to have the vehicle stored so we can start putting her back to rights. the insurance company have also agreed they will deliver it to us free of charge. Looks like we only have one more hurdle to clear and this whole sorry episode will be over, I will not thank you all for the marvellous help[ we have received on this forum until we
  3. Thanks' never say die, I have actually been to copart today to look at my car and Chaucer have said they will deliver it back to me FOC once the claim is sorted
  4. to be honest we are trying to find a suitable place to put it so that we can repair it at the moment, as soon as I get a response from a contact it will be gone, we have a garage should the worst come to the worst but it would be impossible to work on it there due to the size of the car (we have 1/2" to spare when the car is in)
  5. No, the police have given us a crime number they have also taken a statement from my partner, I have also sent what was basically my phone conversation ie I do not allow them to dispose of my vehicle under any circumstances and that if my vehicle if in any way subjected to further damage of disposed of in any way without my expressed permission in writing I will peruse the matter further with the courts. I have also arranged to go to Copart tomorrow to take photos and to inspect my vehicle.
  6. Thank you I have spoken to people because of the urgency involved but I have also told the that I will be putting this in writing to them, I have just finished typing my letter and as you suggest I have also cc,d it to them all I also will be sending the recorded delivery, as for the police they are fully aware. I did wonder how I would get notifications of replies but I have found them in my Hotmail and it's now very easy to get to this thread, the only problem I have is that I can only do things connected with the car if my partner is in good spirit or out of the room, on that point
  7. Thank you to all of you who have replied, I have informed everyone (Chaucer, Copart and Carole Nash that I want my car back regardless of the outcome of my claim. on that subject I should tell you that my claim is being dealt with by an insurance investigation company called brownsword? I think it may be due to the MOT. We have been insured by the same company for two years but part of the work that was supposed to have been done was a new MOT the last one ran out in early January, however the damage (which is what we are claiming for) Was caused in December so I assume that claim will be pr
  8. Thank you dacouc I think I knew I could do that but needed reassuring, you see my partner always said she would get a silver shadow since she first saw one when she was about 7 years old, about 5 years before I met her she had been collecting old drinks cans, bit's of copper wire, she always carried a pair of wire cutters in her pocket and when ever she saw an old appliance outside someone's house she would knock and ask if she could have the plug and wire. When I first went to her flat it was full of old wire, cans and other bit's of scrap metal she had collected
  9. Hi, Sorry but this will be another of those long threads, and it is also very complicated so please stay with me. My partner ownsa Rolls Royce silver shadow II insured on a classic policy with Chaucer through a broker called Carole Nash. By way of trying to keep this as short as possible I will skip some of the details as they are complicated, however if you want more information I will post this tale of woe in full. At some time at the end of September beginning of November last year we took her car to a trusted mechanic who we had know for some 40 years, he had worked on
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