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  1. Well, as things stand we are looking at a final bill of £240. What would be the best email address to send the complaint too?
  2. Thank you Just wanted to make sure we did things in the right order
  3. We have gone through customer services and have asked it to be elavated to customer services. The operator has put a not on the system to explain the medical circumstances. She told us that we will get a call discussing the final bill.Do we now stop the direct debit?
  4. Do you suggest writing to make a formal complaint before or after we move?
  5. Exactly. We would much prefer to keep virgin broadband. I didn't realise there was another option. I had checked the location database to see if we could get it at the new property but it didn't tell me about the copper option
  6. I though it was 18 but the chap I spoke to said we had just 8 months left? We definitely want Broadband but we have Sky for television at the moment which we can transfer.
  7. We have had Virgin for years but we renegotiated a slighly better deal in December when they had announced they were increasing prices.
  8. We are having to move due to my wife's deteriating health. She has MS and our property is becoming a death trap. We have now been offered a property but it is in an u-cabled area and are being told we will have to pay £200 plus to cancel. Is there anything we can do?
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