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  1. The code is on the green slip I have it in front of me now
  2. No I did not it looks like I will be on the phone to them in the morning
  3. No I taxed it online
  4. Hi again everyone I have just taxed my wife's and my family car just purchased online and would like to know if that register's the car to me or do I have to do that separately TIA Chris
  5. Thanks i was hoping they would have refunded without question as they have not even been opened
  6. The reason is that having now cleaned all the muck and glue off left by the old ones i prefer it without and they are in the uk item arrived within a few days thanks Chris
  7. Hi everyone this is my first time on here so please be gentle with me I ordered some goods on line on april 25 of this year from an online company that seem to have a reasonable reputation but through one problem and another I was only able to come to a decision yesterday not to use the goods i emailed them with my invoice number and asked for return procedure this is the reply I got Hi Christopher, Thank you for contacting us regarding this. It sounds like you have had a lot of hassle with your old wind deflectors. Unfortunately, you purchased th
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