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  1. efes

    DVLA - No TAX fine?

    First they'll send me letters and question me about this etc. and then I'll receive another letter with the fine itself. Maybe they'll let me off hopefully. I'm guessing that I'll only have to pay £40 if I do it in 28 days... But does anyone know if the fine is lower for a moped than it is for a car?
  2. efes

    DVLA - No TAX fine?

    Hi, I've recently bought a 50cc moped with a valid MOT certificate and also vehicle TAX (which was the previous owner's only). The tax which the previous owner had was still valid on the DVLA vehicle check website for another 2-3 months, so I didn't renew it for myself (as in the new owner) because I still hadn't insured the bike and went on a holiday for 3 weeks to a different country. I'm only 16 and this is my first ever vehicle which I have bought a month ago, so I didn't know that I have to tax it within 14 days! Yesterday, I went on the DVLA vehicle check website again and it said
  3. Thanks Got my passport back yesterday and now have to wait up to 2 weeks for my license. You can close the thread now
  4. Hi, I've ordered a provisional license about 2 weeks ago and within the next 3-4 days after ordering it, I've received a letter in order to send back my passport, photo, signature etc. So I've sent it back on Friday and they've received it on Saturday morning (from what the royal mail tracking thingy says) and just wondering if anyone knows how long it would take them to send back my passport since I need it ASAP to get other things done as well. Also, if anyone has also sent their passport for them to verify, did you include an empty envelope for the special 1 day delivery with your address o
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