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  1. Thanks BF, much appreciated. I even gave them dates and amounts of the loans and then still nothing! I shall get this submitted to the ICO tonight. Thanks again!
  2. My complaint to the FOS was submitted back in the middle of July, reference etc provided. Since then I have heard nothing. Is this normal timescales?
  3. Hi Folks, I'm having a number of issues with Quickquid and them supplying me information of all loans I have had with them. I am planning on putting in a IRL claim against them History: 30/07/18 - Sent E-mail request asking for all loans I had with QQ over the years (was a lot) Provided Date of birth, and all addresses I have had over the last 9 to 10 years 16/08/18 - No response received, sent a chase request 20/08/18 - They provide 6 account statements. I can only reconcile that against 2 of my loans (4 were potentially from an old bank account I had no access to) I was expecting another 14 statements. 26/08/18 - I chase up the missing statements 04/09/18 - Chase again due to no response 11/09/18 - Chase again due to no response 21/09/18 - Chase again due to no response!! 26/09/18 - I call them as this is getting ridiculous. They state they will make the information available on their website as a downloadable file. 28/09/18 - Information is now available. I download it and it is exactly the same as before!! Still missing all the statements. What should my next steps be. Are the actions I have taken essentially a DSAR or do I need to explicitly ask for this? Or should I now just go straight to the ICO and raise a complaint? Thanks in advance KO
  4. Just to give everyone an update and to close this off - After discussion with the Garage, they agreed to cover the £100 penalty notice and this has now been paid to the DVLA. Thanks to everyone for their comments and advice on this thread, very much appreciated.
  5. Hi Gick, Thanks for your response. I inadvertently continued to pay tax - I am pretty lax at looking at my bank statements and didn't even notice it - DVLA advice is that once a vehicle is transferred then tax direct debit payments will stop. Yes, completely agree that I should have checked and that could be my ultimate downfall here, I was acting in good faith (never again!). I simply went and purchased another car, transferred my insurance over to this vehicle and carried on my merry way. A £100 penalty notice seems quite hefty for being a naive idiot. One other question - i know if I pay the £100 penalty notice it will be done and dusted, no criminal record etc - if I go to court and lose the case, will this be classed as a criminal record? my place of work runs a DBS check on us every 3 years and mine is due to come up soon.
  6. Thank you to everyone for their comments and apologies for the late response, it's been a manic weekend. When I left the car with the garage, I had no idea it was going to be passed over to the Auto Electrician. As far as I was aware they were potentially going to strip a few parts off it and then scrap the car. The car was left with the garage in March 17. The "Offence" was committed in July 17. The Auto electrician has said he didn't get the car back on the road until August 17. He has shown me (and I have a copy of) his insurance certificate commencing from the middle of August. Whether this changes anything I don't know - I am going to speak to the garage owner (my neighbour) this week to see if it was added to his Traders insurance at any point.
  7. I guess the question would be if the magistrate would look at it in a black and white fashion or not. From a technical perspective, yes I agree you are correct, i guess it depends if mitigation is allowed and accepted
  8. Apologies re: dates - the car was left at the garage is March 2017.
  9. One thing to add - when I originally spoke to the court team in Bristol, they stated that the offence occurred in Southampton (Near my old address funnily enough). the garage have stated that the car did not move from there until August, after the date of the alleged "offence". I'm wondering if there was an error somewhere there - They couldn't even confirm if it was done via ANPR or not (though i'm 99% sure it must have been)
  10. The letter from the garage is very carefully worded, but it does state that they took possession of the car in March 18, and is on headed paper and signed by the director of the garage. Yes, I have been pretty naive on this one - very much a lesson learnt, especially having to take a day of work to go to court for the Stat Dec and now take another for the hearing. Is it possible to speak to the DVLA prosecuting team beforehand? The letter only gives a phone number for a payments line to pay the £100 Penalty notice. Do you think it's likely the DVLA would try to bring up the point about incorrect address? That would be pretty spiteful (though I have read some horror stories on the DVLA so anything is possible I guess)
  11. HI All, After a bit of advice please. some background. - In March 2017 I had a car that had a 2nd engine failure on it - after the garage inspected the car, and advised on costs to fix, I decided not to go ahead with it. The garage agreed to take the car in lieu of any costs incurred as part of them diagnosing the issue. I should add that the garage is run by my next door neighbour and has a very good reputation in the area. I left the V5 with them (though stupidly didn't do the whole transferred to trader/dealer section) Roll on to the start of March this year when I recieve notice of a £350 fine for "being the registered keeper of a vehicle that does not meet insurance requirements". The offence was committed in July 17This was dealt with under the single justice procedure in Bristol. All correspondence related to this were sent to my old address where the V5 was logged to, they must have done a search at some point to get my current address. I have now been to Portsmouth Magistrates court to do a Statutory declaration which was accepted. I now have a new court date in Southampton on May 1st which I have already stated I will be pleading not guilty. On speaking to my neighbour, the car was taken on by their auto electrician who has since fixed the car and is back on the road. He has said he didn't get the car back on the road to August 17, after the date of the offence. The garage have stated that the car was always kept off the public highway.Just to throw something else into the mix, I didn't realise until looking at Bank statements recently that I was still paying Tax monthly on the vehicle (so at least SORN Doesn't come into this I guess) I have a letter from the garage stating that I left the vehicle with them, can also provide proof of insurance on my new vehicle etc too. Just had a letter come through today re: the new hearing date. This letter states all the various legislation etc, and that I can settle this for £100 fixed penalty notice to avoid court. Can I get advice on what to do here please? I am certainly guilty of naivety here in not getting the V5 properly filled in etc. I have been driving for 18 years, never had a time of driving without tax/insurance etc - I drive 700 - 900 miles per week as I have a long commute so rely on my car a great deal. your thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Dear Mr Olaf Our reference: XXXXXXX Customer number: xxxxxxxxxxx I am sorry you have had to contact us to make a complaint and I would like to thank you for your patience whilst I have been looking into this for you. Your complaint My understanding of your complaint is in regards to the affordability checks conducted at the time you applied for credit from Satsuma Loans and your circumstances at the time when you successfully obtained credit. My investigation From my investigation I have found one agreement issued to you to investigate. The details of the agreement issued are as follows: Agreement Loan Amount Interest Applied Term of loan Monthly amount Status of loan xxxxxxxxx £700.00 £694.40 12 Months £116.20 Active In order to determine whether Satsuma Loans did lend to you irresponsibly, I have revisited your initial application in detail to understand what you told us at the time of applying for the loan. Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the applicant to enter true and accurate information on their application for credit. Any omissions could result in applications being treated as fraudulent. What you told us at the time of application: Agreement Income Declared Mortgage/Rent Other Loans Other Expenses Disposable Income xxxxxxxx £2230.00 £600.00 £300.00 £300.00 £1030.00 You also confirmed at the time of application future payments were sustainable and affordable to you and you did not foresee any change of circumstance. It is not possible to complete an application fully without completing this stage of the application. Along with the information you submit on your application, Satsuma Loans also use a wide range of data sources to ensure we are using the most accurate and up to date information about your existing credit commitments, living expenses and income and outgoings you provide on the application. We perform checks with the Credit Reference Agencies (CRA). If the costs we check return a higher expenditure than you declared, we will process your application with the higher figure obtained.We use your verified outgoings, along with the proposed new loan repayment amount, to determine the minimum amount of income you require to afford the new loan. This value is then sent to the CRA Call Credit for verification and only when your income can be verified by the bureau your application is automatically accepted. Below are the extra safeguards and buffers we applied to your expenses where necessary to reflect the electronic information gathered from the Credit Bureau and based on our internal models. This also takes into account the loan repayments on your agreement on a monthly basis. Agreement Declared Disposable Income Safeguards Monthly Loan Repayments Disposable Income (After additional safeguards) xxxxxxxxx £1030.00 £65.00 £116.20 £848.80 The above information shows the agreement was affordable and left you with a comfortable disposable income. I have reviewed the information obtained at the time of application. The Bureau checks conducted did not demonstrate the loan issued was not affordable or sustainable at the time of application. Please be aware that submitting an accurate reflection of your outgoings is a legal requirement of any loan application. Outcome of our Investigation Based on the information above, I can confirm the loan was issued responsibly in line with the Satsuma lending policy and therefore I am unable to uphold your complaint. There is a legal requirement for you to declare honestly, your income and outgoings at the time of application and you failed to do so. I understand this may not be the response you were hoping for, however, I trust my response has fully explained the reasons for my decision. I would like to assure you that your feedback is important, as it helps us improve the level of service we provide our customers. With this in mind, I would like to thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention and for giving me the opportunity to look into this matter for you. If you remain unhappy with our decision you have the right to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, free of charge, but you must do so within six months of the date of this letter. If you do not refer your complaint in time, the Ombudsman will not have our permission to consider your complaint and so will only be able to do so in very limited circumstances. For example, if the Ombudsman believes that the delay was as a result of exceptional circumstances. You will find more information about the Ombudsman here: http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/consumer-leaflet.htm Alternatively, you will find more information on the Ombudsman website: www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk Yours sincerely
  13. Satsuma have responded to my complaint today and have rejected it. They have completely disregarded the point about already being in a payment arrangement with another entity within the Provident group - they have not even mentioned it. Is it worth going back to them to state this or straight to the FOS now? Copy of the response below
  14. Thanks Fkofilee. Claim submitted to Satsuma today. At the time my application with Satsuma was accepted I had 4 defaults on my credit file and 6 Arrangements to pay. I have provided evidence from my credit file to them, and also highlighted the fact that I was in a payment arrangement with Vanquis when they agreed this loan, yet they still approved.
  15. Unfortunately it was not statute barred. We come to a mutual agreement with Robinson Way to discontinue the AOE element and she has a payment arrangement in place with them
  16. So going to try and deal with these 1 by 1 to start with just to ensure i get it right. I want to look at my Satsuma Loan first of all. Borrowed £700 in total in July 2017. Balance outstanding is now £1,368.50 At the time, I had a number of defaults which I will list below. I was also in a payment plan with Vanquis for a credit card, so surely as I already owned essentially the same company nearly 3 grand already then they should have not lent to me in the first place??!! Capital One Nationwide (ARC) Halifax Vanquis Avant Credit (ACI) OnStride Jacamo Premier Man Very Lending Stream Myjar Thoughts
  17. Very fair point. Interestingly when I took the loan out with Mr Lender they said the system had asked for a bank statement. When I said I didn't have one to hand they replied "not a problem, I will just override it"!
  18. Hi Fkofilee Thanks for the response! I need to go through all my various statements over the last few years to get that information which I plan to do over the weekend. I have read the reclaim guide quickly which is an excellent read - need to look at it in depth. The main concern I have is the references to understating my outgoings, i'm guessing that could make it a little difficult as I have lied essentially.
  19. Hi All. Looking for some advice if possible. I am in a pretty bad debt trap which I need to work through. Have agreements with some creditors but not all. Mixture of PDL's, Credit Cards, Loans etc PDL's Uncle Buck £600 Wonga £550 Cash4UNow £700 Satsuma £1390 Wage Day Adv £600 Mr Lender £220 Payday Express £300 (with BCW, years old one that I had forgotten until last year) My Jar £620 That's just the PDL's. There are loans, credit cards etc, totals over 20k. Bankruptcy and IVA are not an option for me due to my employment. As I said I am working towards getting agreements in place with all of my creditors. There has been an element of gambling over the years, not massive but some. I was wondering if it is worthwhile looking into irresponsible lending claims - the issue I have is that I was not very honest at times with my outgoings - I always stated the correct income figure, but the expenditure details were always understated. I guess the question would be is that I have so many of these why the hell did some of the later ones even lend to me in the first place? This isn't me trying to get out of these - if i could just get some of the interest removed I would be happy. The Satsuma loan was originally £800 and is now nearly £1400 as a prime example, I have buried my head in the sand too long now - my wife has found out about it and my name is currently mud, marriage is pretty much on the line. I have read the reclaim guide which is excellent. Any thoughts on next steps? Cheers. KO
  20. Thanks DX, really appreciate the swift response Am I correct in assuming that Barclaycard would be who needs to be contacted now as they purchased the Egg Portfolio?
  21. Hi There. My wife has just received through the post an attachment of earnings form from the MCOL Business centre. A CCJ was awarded in default as was sent to a previous address. My wife only found out about it when she received a Noddle credit profile change notification. She spoke to Robinson Way who advised it was issued at a previous address. She gave them our new address and interestingly the attachment of earnings form has come through to our current address. Details of the debt: Original creditor was Egg (so suspect any CCA would be "interesting" to say the least) Default was issued in 2012 according to her credit report Original agreement was taken out we think in about 2006. Balance was about 1650 CCJ balance was just over 2.5k (plus now another £110 attachment of earnings fee added) We are convinced the debt is statute barred as my wife is convinced she hasn't paid anything towards this for a long time. I know we need to look at getting this set aside but unfortunately we cannot afford the fee to do so, and we don't fall into the category where we can have the fees waived. Is there any other way around this? Surely they would have records and would know when the last payment was made, so if so then is this not an abuse of court process by submitting the claim? Any advice on next steps would be greatly appreciated.
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