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  1. Thank you for your reply. I did a quick google search and I saw back in 2009 trading standards said that anything that may affect the value of a car should be made obvious by the dealer? And as an ex hire car saying it has been previous owner is surely a little misleading considering it could have been driven by 5,000 people? Many people I know are happy to buy ex hire cars, but aren't these usually cheaper which helps? I couldn't find whether it was actually against any rule to not make it obvious as it seemed a bit of a grey area. Consumers saying they should have been made aware and dealers disagreeing by the looks of it.
  2. Do dealers have to disclose this? We had no idea until we received our v5 document through the post this morning! Just wondering if there is a rule against this as these cars are often worth less?
  3. I didn't know that, thank you. We pay £228 per month and they put the £28 into our account by direct debit I believe, although I'll be honest and say my husband set that part up, I did go in to double check their figures and was told the same thing though. Car price was £8996, with all the extras they added on it was £9919 so nearly £1000 in extras they added on.
  4. Gap insurance, breakdown cover, paint and fabric cover and I'm sure there was something else. We did say we didn't want those and could we cancel them and they said no, that was the deal, take it or leave it, because they were already giving us £20 per month for a year we had to take these products to qualify for that offer.
  5. Update - got it down to £71, still high but almost £40 off the first figure they gave us. This is cancellation fee and interest apparently, previous figure was commission too? To be honest I'm not entirely sure what that means but a £40 knockdown is better than nothing!
  6. I don't have experience in this issue but I do have experience with Vodafone. I purchased a wifi dongle that only worked 50% of the time. So I was shocked when my £16 bill came at £126. I went into three different stores, called them ten times or more, wrote on their Facebook, wrote emails. Nothing was ever returned. I tried to cancel and they told me to pay the bill then cancel, I told them I refused to pay for something that was faulty and I didn't owe that money. I told them I owed them the £16 originally agreed, minus the £6 returned direct debit charge, minus my time and petrol in going to stores on their incorrect advice. In the end they sent me a letter informing me it was going to debt collectors. I told them I'd tried to resolve it and it was highly unfair to pursue me for money I didn't owe. After all that they wrote off the whole bill. It took four months to resolve this. Scream loudly and don't go away, they should eventually give in. However, payment for your time I image would have to be a court matter I imagine.
  7. Sorry I haven't updated. After it being clear they weren't going to play ball, we accepted the £500. They essentially wanted to have the car back and sell us another, which wouldn't have looked good on our credit file for one thing taking out that much finance in a short time. They refused to swap outright and just kept saying give the car back and buy another, and all the ones they were offering were more expensive too. We just wanted the hassle over. We did consider getting our car back and rejecting the car outright, but we do like our new car and again, buying another would be hassle. I'm still not particularly happy when I think how underhanded it was to a) sell us a car that wasn't described b) deliberately mislead us over the mileage and c) add on all the extras and tell us if we didn't take them the offer they presented us was invalid so we had to have them, we've also been told we cannot now cancel these added products. Lesson for future I guess. Do not trust car salesmen!
  8. Thank you for your reply, as a choice are a broker they told us they could get us alternative cover, at a cost of £120 per month, when our previous cover cost £48 per month. So we were forced to get cover elsewhere which we managed for £57 per month taking into account the claim as even though it wasn't my fault insurers still increase premiums as 'statistically we're more likely to be involved in another accident' seems rubbish to me as I'm not sure how I'm any more likely than other driver to be rear ended but there you go. I just don't feel £110 is reasonable to cancel when we had no way of knowing they wouldn't insure our new vehicle. It's not a helicopter or a Ferrari, it's another ford hatchback. I will try and dispute then though thank you
  9. We previously owned a ford mondeo that was involved in a rear end accident. After it was repaired via insurance solicitors, we decided to get rid of it. It may sound silly but I didn't want to drive that car anymore after the repair, I felt the repair was inadequate but rather than dispute this we decided to change it. We bought a ford c max grand. We rang a choice whom our policy documents are with and they told us it would be £288 to cancel as they cannot insure our new vehicle as it has seven seats and we had an open claim. They had called us two weeks prior to this to ask permission to close it on their system as the other party had admitted 100% fault which we agreed to. After speaking to the solicitors they confirmed it should be closed. After arguing this they're now saying we have to pay £110 to cancel. I feel this is unfair, we didn't want to cancel, we wanted to switch the policy over to our new vehicle and we just paid this months premium two days ago, it was them who wouldn't allow us to do this forcing us to cancel. However, we pay monthly for our policy and have held it for five (possibly 6 but I'd have to check for sure) months now. Yes we had a claim open, but now fault has been determined and they've closed it surely it's merely informing them of an incident as all costs will be recovered from the 3rd party's insurer? Is this a fair charge before I get into disputing it? i thought a cancellation charge of up to £50 was deemed reasonable? Thank you
  10. As mentioned, I really don't want that car back. I want the car we signed for, failing that, then to cover the cost of their mistake. Am I being unreasonable?
  11. Our car had £400 outstanding finance which we've transferred onto this car now, so it'd be a huge hassle. As mentioned we also didn't want our car back. I was actually involved in a minor accident in the car, although the car has been fully repaired and it's probably silly, after that accident I hated driving that car. I feel the c max grand is safer than the mondeo.
  12. Hello, on Friday myself and my husband part exchanged our ford mondeo for a ford c max grand. We said we wanted a more economical vehicle and we were shown one that was a 2011 reg and was supposedly a 1.6 tdi. We spent hours working out the finance cost, fuel costs based on the economy and tax costs. We agreed to buy and signed on the dotted line. Half an hour after we left the dealer, they called us saying they'd made a mistake and the tax was actually £20 more and could we bring the cash the next day. We thought it strange but agreed. We collected the car the following day on Saturday morning. We got home, looked at the log book and it's actually a 2 litre engine. We called immediately and they admitted mistake and promised to sort it. They've been rubbish calling us back, and offered us an insulting £200 as a 'goodwill' gesture if we'd keep the car to save the hassle. We turned it down as we've signed up for the car for the next five years, the additional tax over this time is £100, additional insurance £10 per month so £600, and extra fuel is £4 per 100 miles, which their breakdown cover allows an annual mileage of 12,000, so even our lower estimate of our annual mileage estimate of 10,000 comes to £400 per year extra. So just our insurance and tax alone comes to £700. We've given them these figures and the maximum they will offer is £500. We've said this is too little. They're arguing the car they've given us is worth £1500 more than the 1.6 (this is a lie, brand new it's only £1000 extra). We asked to swap for another 1.6 they had in stock same spec. They refused saying this car had done less miles so was worth more so we could give our car back and essentially buy that one, at an additional cost of £31 more a month. We could also have our old car back and forget it all, this is also unacceptable to us, if we'd wanted to keep that car we wouldn't have traded it! They've also offered a car that's done 10,000 more miles on the clock, this is doubly unacceptable as they also lied about the mileage of our current car stating it had done 70,000 when in fact it's done 79,000, however, we accept we should have double checked this. Where on earth do we stand? We would never have bought the 2 litre model as the whole point of us changing car was for a more economical one. We've said we know they won't cover all the additional fuel costs, tax and insurance costs for five years (although really they should as we bought in good faith on those figures) but we can't accept less than £1000. I know I'd have a case for trading standards as I have all adverts and paperwork signed by us and them stating we were purchasing a 1.6. I feel they've made a huge mistake and want us to pay for their mess up which is hugely unfair. I've called Evans Halshaw customer care and they've said their complaints procedure is lengthy and I have to give each manager 3 working days to contact me and there are three managers I have to give a chance first. Our temporary insurance expires Friday and we don't want to pay to swap our insurance if we then have to swap it over again and pay for another vehicle. Help please? Is £500 the best offer I can get despite the fact it will cost us so much more than this?
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