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  1. Hello, I'm after some advise please regarding a small loan from Creation which will be finished this month. I changed banks from Santander to First direct in February 15. I watched the new account very closley the first month to ensure that all my direct debits set up on the old account went out as they should have. Which they did! Fast forward 2 months and this morning I've got a warning from Credit Expert telling me that I have an account that's been flagged with 2 late payments. I phoned Creation to find out what's happened and they will not discuss the matter with me even though I've gone through the required security check, but they did let me get the payments up to date and pay them the £60 in late fees that they placed on my account! I phoned First direct to find out what had gone wrong, First direct have informed me that it was the originator ie Creation that cancelled the direct debit and not themselves which they are willing to provide in writing. Any advise as to what I should do would be welcome. Thanks
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