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  1. Edit to last post in the interests of clarity - typo. First inspection was 2/3 days post purchase. Car bought on Tuesday. Vibrated/Shuddered twice on way home. I have no experience of misfiring cars so thought it may need a run. Wife drove on Wednesday around town. We booked in for timing belt change at local garage on the Friday. I met my wife at the garage on Thursday afternoon to drop the car off. She said the car was shuddering and she thought it was going to stall in 6th gear. Mechanic road tested car on Thursday, immediately diagnosing misfire. He insp
  2. Thanks to you both for the advice. Sorry about the late reply, but I've been on holiday for two weeks. I've had two garages confirm the misfire. One of them wrote me a quote for the work, which comes to £600 + vat for a new injector. The report also states that the glow plugs are faulty. The first garage confirmed the misfire and commented that the clutch will need to be replaced soon. The garage offered to repair the misfire, but I have no faith in them, given our exchanges and the fact that they sold me a faulty car and that they say it is a cheap fix with no paperwork r
  3. Hi guys, I bought a used car last week that was described as a 'superb example' with absolutely no mechanical issues. The same day, on the way home from the garage, the engine was misfiring. It was diagnosed by a mechanic two days later and a report written. I agreed to return the car for repair having initially been refused a refund - a 100 mile journey. 20 miles into the journey the car was misfiring constantly - vibrating/shuddering. It did not feel safe to drive. I called the dealer and stated that I would like to return the car for a full refund, as we have suffered enoug
  4. Hi folks, I'm new here, so apologies if I've posted in the wrong place, although debt collections seems about right! We've had 2 letters from EOS solutions. One trying to trace us and today's demanding payment for a united utilities debt from our last property. We are 99% certain that all of our debts were cleared when we moved out - the property was a rental and we only lived there for a year. Bizarrely, we have been with United Utilities for 2 years at our current address, have paid on time and never been contacted by them about any debt. Sure
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