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  1. I have now received a letter addressed to The Occupier. Reads "You have advised you do not recall any previous dealings with Cabot... Please be advised the content of your letter has been duly noted and you will no longer receive any further correspondence from Cabot in regards to this matter. May I take this opportunity to thank you for bringing this matter to my attention and I trust I have clarified your concerns." Reassuring but just wondering why they didn't address it to me personally instead of using The Occupier instead? Is this a loop-hole so
  2. Speechless! So am I correct in my understanding then that, IF Cabot send a copy of the credit agreement and it does indeed refer to this F&F settlement, I simply send back an SB letter?
  3. I am amazed at this...how can BC and other companies do this? Surely there must be some legal right and protection for the debtor if they have, in good faith, made a settlement in F&F? Excluding SB etc?
  4. This one will not be paying! Hopefully this information may help you to assist others in similar situations. It really is beyond my understanding how a DCA can acquire something that really shouldn't 'exist' and how the original credit card company - Barclaycard in this case - can settle in F&F and then sell on the remaining 'written off' amount! Doesn't sound right to me!
  5. Thank you dx. I would add that when I made F&F settlements - way back around 1998 - these were direct to the original creditors (interest had been stopped) and didn't involve any DCAs at the time. I only settled because the other party 'joint and severally liable!' did a runner and disappeared. I wanted a clear conscience and credit record so negotiated with the companies involved and made a percentage offer to each one based on the capital I had available at the time.
  6. Thank you dx. I guess the 'mug' part is relevant simply in as much as I didn't realise that 'written off' debt from an F&F settlement could be sold on Sneaky if they do this?! I will post a reply if and when I receive anything concrete from Cabot. The credit referencing companies have confirmed to me there are no record of any outstanding debt listed against my name(s).
  7. Thank you, I have said I do not recognise or acknowledge any debt and asked for a full statement of account with evidence of payments and written acknowledgement of any outstanding debt in the last six years, a signed true copy of the credit agreement, when the debt was sold and copies of letters from original credit stating such. Have also added that they are prohibited by law from continuing any collection activity until they have done so. Failure to obey the law in this regard will render them liable to prosecution for harassment. Any idea what
  8. I confirm it is just a letter and not a court claim and re-iterate that I am confident I do not have any outstanding debts.
  9. I recently received a letter from Cabot Finance claiming payment (£2K+) for an outstanding Barclaycard visa card in my maiden name. I am confident that I have no outstanding debts and have credit reports for past 12 years (Experian/Equifax) to confirm. However, several years ago (15+ years - late 90's) I was jointly and severally liable for some outstanding accounts. Other party 'disappeared' and I made payments to all these "in full and final settlement". At the time I had letters confirming this from each company however as many years have now passed, aft
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