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  1. I have receipts for both, The strange thing is we actually only booker her ourselves a few weeks ago! She had a cancellation for the same date we wanted. She has nothing anywhere to state cancellation timescales and non-refundable amounts, does that count for anything?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! So i'm right in thinking she didn't have any legal grounds at all to say what she did?
  3. Hi, After some advice (as are most people here I guess!) We paid in full for the services of a photographer for our wedding, in August 2015. Due to personal circumstances we've cancelled the whole day, therefore we don't need a photographer any more! I called (and emailed) her to inform her of the cancellation, only to be told she "couldn't take that much of a loss, Ill give you 100% of your money back if I get another booking on that day" So in other words she's keeping all £800 we gave her! a £200 deposit was agreed to secure the date, there is no mention of this being 'n
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