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  1. Just received a letter from Cabot this morning stating that they can't obtain the CCA I requested from CitiFinancial. Therefore, they've taking the decision not to pursue collection of the debt. But they insisted the debt legally remains (ya right!!!!!) and that it shouldn't appear on my credit file due to time elapse. Just so happy this is all over!! A big thank you to everyone.
  2. Hi, Got a (phone) confirmation from the court today that they recieved the NoD from WeightmansLLP, and that no further action will be taken....case closed! I just want to take a moment to say a big "Thank you" to everyone for all the advices and support. I am really grateful. :happy: I am going to make more donation. God bless you all!
  3. Hi Sorry for the late reply. Got in touch with the court this morning, and was told their system hasn't been updated yet to reflect recent posts/filings. Was told to call back mid week, and that the court would write me of any confirmation/directions by the judge. Yes, I did receive NoD (N279) not N292, from Weightmans with all the details crossed out (don't know why they crossed out names and amounts). It was signed and dated though. Will call court back tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Hi, I received Notice of Transfer of Proceedings 2 days ago from the court stating that the claim has been transferred to a County Court Hearing Centre where a judge would have to give a case management directions. Unexpectedly, i received a letter from Weightmans LLP (Cabots solicitors) today, with enclosed Notice of discontinuance which they said have been filed in court today. They are discontinuing all the claim. I am now thinking of calling the court to verify if indeed they've discontinued the claim (just to be save). I am so grateful to you all.
  5. I received an email from small claim mediation service saying my phone appointment is scheduled for 19th August btw 1200 - 1700. I am not sure on some of the points stated in their statemet:- Mediation Requirements Please read the following statements: Yes or No I can confirm that I am willing to compromise on this matter - (are they implying whether i am willing to accept a reduced amount from claimant if suggested; even though (1) they haven't establish any form of relationship in terms of the CCA and CPR.31 i requested. (2) No evidence of last correspondence/payment/ac
  6. Received letter from Weightmans (cabot solicitors) today. Enclosed is their directions questionnaire.
  7. Received letter from Lowell yesterday proposing i can settle "their" case by paying £900.09 as a final settlement instead of £3600. That they can not pursue the case in court as time to do so has elapsed. So, they are offering me the opportunity to clear the debt in one go basically. How can i make them go away forever? Still waiting for noodle update.
  8. Received notice of proposed allocation to the small claim track today. Accompanied with a Directions questionnaire (small claim track) form. Must complete and return form 27 July. I guess this is standard as i've read similar cases here. Series of questions on the direction questionnaire :- Do you agree to this small case being referred to the small claim mediation service? Is the small claim track appropriate for this case? hearing venue? Expert evidence? Witness? How do i answer these questions?
  9. To be honest, i don't know who the original OC is. I have gone through my document twice and i can't find the acct number that matches the one provided by Lowell. The default date for Lowell say 29/06/2009. My noodle update is in 5 days.
  10. I received a letter from Weightmans LLP (cabot's solicitor) today. Summary of content:- "We received your defence and can confirm that our client does not accept such. Accordingly, we have written to the court to request that the matter proceed as defended. However, our client is hopeful that this matter may be resolved amicably and we invite you to contact our Benjamin Davis to discuss" The letter was dated 8 July 2015. Where do i go from here?
  11. Hello, How do i get a default on my credit file removed? Date of default was 29/06/2009 for the amount of £3600. Default lodged by Lowell. Default lodged on Noodle. The original account was opened in 4/2005 (can't remember the original lender but still searching) Its now past 6 years since this default has been on my credit file and i feel it should be removed. I have not made any payment whatsoevere to either the original debtors or Lowell. In fact, i can recollect the last time i made any payment towards this debt - must have been well over 8 yrs ago. How d
  12. Received court acknowledgement letter for my defence today. It says claimant has 28 days to contact the court if they want to proceed after being served with my defence. If they fail to do so, the claim will be stayed. (Standard letter I suppose). Also says claimant may try to resolve any dispute with me directly. What do they mean by "stayed" ??
  13. Just received Cabot's reply: "we currently do not have the information (CCA) on file, however we have requested the relevant details, which will include a copy of the credit agreement, statement of account and the original and varied terms and conditions from the original lender. What happens next? We anticipate that we will be able to provide this within 40 days. In the likely event we are unable to obtain this information within those limit, we will write again." What do i do at this stage? Do i remind them it is obligatory to supply the requested documents within the (A
  14. I have just submitted my SB defence on MCOL using the template supplied. What do I do next?
  15. Thanks dx. What if i file SB defence and court rejects it (say claimant produces prove i made payment in last 6yrs or i actually did but can't find record). Searched everywhere in my house over & over again for any prove of payment in last 6 yrs but can't find any.......am going mad now! Help!
  16. No, i have not filed the SB defence yet. CPR & CCA letters posted this morning. Since i can't find any record of any payment made by me in the last 7 yrs to either Citi or DCA, i'm thinking filing for SB defence is ideal. Any suggestions please? And what might be the implications if i file for SB now that cca & cpr letters have been sent out?
  17. I am about to post letters (CCA & CPR), am I to sign the CPR or just print my name? I know with the CCA - I don't sign. Please help.
  18. Hi After sending off the CPR and CCA, do I still need to fill a statute bar defence on MCOL or wait till 23rd June. Thanks
  19. What i mean by modify is adding required details. Thanks for pointing that out.
  20. Thank you, I have now viewed both templates and modify to suit my case. Will double check and post accordingly. Thanks again.
  21. I have now read through the CCA request note and i find it most helpful. Does any one have link to a CPR 31;14 sample letter to creditors solicitor please. I really appreciate all the assistance.
  22. Thanks dx. Done all that, but will try again to log on. There is something a little confusing about the letter to the solicitors - i read on here that one should enclose a £1 postal order. May i ask what this is for and who should it be made out to? Please do excuse my inquisitive questions.
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