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  1. This is not an accusation, it's not the first time it has happened.
  2. I am the receiver not the sender, I'll have to claim although royalmail might not want to pay what the item worth but I am ready to take it up legally as I have had enough of their drivers stealing parcels.
  3. Does it matter, I believe track and trace should also be a means of delivery for a parcel and regardless of the type of postage, parcels are not meant to be stolen at all by any delivery driver. It makes customers loose trust. Even those that were sent by special delivery guaranteed before 9am or 1pm are missing till date so this is not the first time Royal Mail drivers have been stealing my parcels. It's just frustrating and unfair.
  4. A parcel was sent to me on 22/05/15 and I think the royalmail delivery driver stole this parcel. It was sent with a track and trace, the silly driver wrote delivered but no signature on the 26/05/15 but nothing was personally delivered to me. Royal mail is now a [edited] company as it employs [edited] drivers. This is frustrating and a bit worrying, I bet royalmail will not investigate the driver. I even went to the delivery office and the female attendant was just so rude. I asked to speak with the manager and all he could say was there was nothing that could be done. I have
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