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  1. Update on our terrible experience with sofaworks and note another new trading name softology... 12 months on, suite collected by sofaworks last week, waiting for a credit from Barclay Partner Finance who did interest free credit via sofaworks, without this we would have well and truly stuffed. Main reason for return, one back cushion 50mm higher than the others, and crumpled leather. Sofaworks are full of bull, used to misleading and walking over customers with complaints. Hope everyone viewed them on rip off Britain, showed them for what they are.
  2. Yes your best protection, credit card company should help with problems.. sofaworks are useless, will not rectify problems, fob customers off, ours isn't resolved since May 2015, we have a solicitor and seeking an independant furniture report £250 uh. Barclay partner finance may get involved, if needed. Good luck with this rubbish company, ps one of our back cushions is 50mm above the other two, sofaworks said this is not a fault, their furniture technician said the same, unbelievable uh.
  3. Please see (rip off Britain) program about Sofaworks, today 8 October 2015 9.15am, also available on the BBCi Player. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06h874c
  4. Regarding my post above, just opened my email to find this copied and pasted Re: RIAS Home Family Legal Expenses Legal Expenses Insurance Claim Consumer Dispute We acknowledge safe receipt of your completed claim form. Please note that the insurers of your Legal Expenses Insurance policy have appointed Arc Legal Assistance Ltd to manage legal expenses insurance claims on their behalf. To enable us to consider this matter further, we kindly ask you provide the following information: 1. A Copy of the Contract/ Invoice 2. Correspondence with your oppone
  5. I'm currently waiting for my home insurance legal cover, filled an application waiting for their decision, wont hold my breath though, but if successful we have big guns in our camp Anyone having problems with Sofaworks BAD service, look at your Home and Contents Insurance, see if it includes legal cover....Recently spoke to a solicitor, he told me to check it out.
  6. Keep in touch, our experience no customer satisfaction, perhaps you will be ok with that problem , cut and dried defect imo!!!! You did the right thing returning it, once in your possession it becomes extremely difficult to deal with, they do not care! Do not contact the furniture ombudsman waste of time, think Sofaworks pay to be part of it, useless! We have a back cushion 40mm above the other two, crumpled leather below both arms, flat foam filling on leg supports on recliners. QUOTE by Sofaworks area manager..... we do NOT consider that as faults...Uh, pay us £200 to re
  7. Hundred percent, the company play on the fact they have deep pockets and we are customers with hard earned money, we do not count in their business plan. They are a disgrace - do NOT offer customer satisfaction, at all... Ombudsman took weeks to respond and say they cant help us, waste of time, what are they there for, the company obviously.... We have a back cushion on our leather suite 40mm higher than the other two, flat foam on leg supports and crinkled leather below two arms. QUOTE sofaworks, we do not class them as a fault and refuse to resolve our problems. Sure
  8. Thanks, furniture ombudsman waste of time, just contacted the citizens advice consummer service, they are looking into it.
  9. We had the same experience, back cushions 50mm above the other two, sofaworks said that isn't a fault errr hello it is, the furniture ombudsman a complete wast of time and effort, useless... currently trying the office of fair trading, we appear to have no rights. Time ticks on from delivery and our complaint two days later, a disgrace!
  10. A thought, we paid via their interest free facility using Barclays, anyone know if they will help?
  11. SOFAWORKS no customer satisfaction. Latest our complaint to the furniture ombudsman failed, sofaworks probably pay to become a member, a complete waste of time our time and effort, time ticks on form our original complaint tow days after delivery of our suite. Sent an email to office of fair trading via the citizens advice.
  12. So we have facebook and twitter if the company fail to rectify problems..!!
  13. Sofaworks has a facebook page, I complained there and included a picture, a guy got in touch offering to help, I replied no action so far, others can do the same, make buyer aware of terrible issues!!!!!
  14. Raffles Suite Waited quite a while for our new suite to be delivered. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY.....NO SATISFACTION WILL BE RECEIVED, AT ALL..... After we had the suite a few hours noticed problems with back cushions out of alignment, customer service are dreadful, hit a brick wall with our complaint, they do not consider this a fault. TAKE NOTE all suites in their showroom and TV adverts are without this problem, we have crumpled leather below the two seat settee, it also has flat foam on the foot supports on the recliner, none of these are cl
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