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  1. Thank you Andy. Ok, that makes sense. I haven't asked for copy of the agreement (which was made on the phone) or audio evidence yet. Should I be asking for this now? I have all the past years bank statements to show I have never paid them a penny and I am awaiting a letter from my bank to prove no direct debit was ever set up and therefore never cancelled it as the claimant says on their claim form. I had informed the bank that I didn't want the cover so the claimant couldn't set up the direct debit. The reason being I cancelled the agreement in the cooling off time, which I told the
  2. Oh......it says on the form it is optional. Why must I say I am prepared to enter mediation? If I owed them money then I would say this is a good idea, but I don't. I cannot see them suddenly saying I don't owe them money either. Sorry about my ignorance to all of this.
  3. Have received a 'Notice of Proposed Allocation to Small Claims Track'. I must complete the N180 (Directions Questionnaire) by 22nd June. The first section is re settlement/mediation. I really can't see the claimant wanting mediation anyway, so should I just tick no to the case being referred to a mediation service. Also, what is an 'expert witness'? Should I write to the claimant and ask for audio copies of the telephone conversations via CPR 31.14? Regards,
  4. No I haven't done the AOS yet. I plan to do it online this evening. I am still in good time as received it on Friday and have 14 days to return it to them. I don't think they will try to phone me now that they have started court proceedings, but if they do I won't pick up as I have caller display! I will come back once I hear again from the court with the allocation questionnaire as I don't have a clue what this is either.....sorry. Anyway, a big thank you to everyone on here who has helped to date
  5. Thank you Andyorch, I appreciate your help. So, I just deny all on the claim form and add the above for my defence?
  6. I understand what a CPR 31.14 is (sort of), after reading some info on them, but I am unsure what my defence as "discovery" means. I didn't make a return call because they phoned a few days after I agreed to their contract and I told them I had changed my mind and was cancelling. This was 2 or 3 days after the first call. The lady I spoke to was quite abrupt and said I couldn't cancel. I told her I was still in the cooling off period and I knew I could. I then cancelled the direct debit at my bank. I had a third call when they tried to take money through th
  7. Not sure what MCOL is but I will check this out tomorrow, along with a CPR31.14. Thank you very much dx. I have some sort of starting point now. I will also ask for a SAR now I know what that means
  8. Thank you for the info above dx. I have been looking to find out what a SAR is. They phoned me so there is no record my end to use as proof. I have never paid them a penny. I told them I was cancelling my direct debit because they said I could not cancel, but I said I knew I was still within the cooling off period. So I cancelled the agreement on the phone and then cancelled the direct debit. I never heard any more. That was over a year ago. I've had no letters, debt agencies or bailiff calls. Nothing. Then about two week
  9. Hello everyone. Thank you for the help so far. I am not sure what the cover was called but it was for my household appliances. i had a cooling off period of 14 days according to what I read at the time on the citizens advice bureau page. I have no proof that I cancelled as it was done verbally on the phone. The agreement was also made on the phone. I never received a policy or agreement/contract for the breakdown cover. Dates were May 2014 when agreed and I am not sure of the date I cancelled, but I know it was 2 or three days later. The amo
  10. Can someone help me please. I agreed verbally (on the phone) to an insurance cover with Appliance Direct LTD. After a couple of days, I decided to cancel the policy, which I did on the phone also. The person I spoke to say I could cancel, but I said I knew I could as I know have 14 days cooling off period. I also cancelled the direct debit I had set up to pay the monthly payment. A couple of weeks later, I had another phone call to ask why I had cancelled. I told them I didn't require the policy as my other insurance also covered the same as they were offerin
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