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  1. Sorry for the delay in responding, I've only just received information back. Initially the court said i had failed to submit the DQ in time, i got in touch and its sorted now, i had got it back in in time. Money claim site says its now transferred to Dudley - which I'm assuming is my local county court. I've also received the following letter which is saying they are unable to get my credit agreement and cannot do anything in the courts while they haven't got it. what's next guys because they have not fulfilled my request in time and it seems to be stuck in almost a stalemate
  2. Hi guys, had a letter a few days ago saying there client does not accept such. Well the DQ has arrived today. What's the next step guys do I then ask the questions in regards to the payment they claim was made? Really stuck and don't no what to do. I know people have said some dca make up ghost payments but surely they wouldn't DQ on a ghost one. I still stand by I havemt made a payment to them
  3. Hey all, Still not received CCA or any update to the claim it's still stuck on defence received and acknowledged 11th June. Is there a time limit on if they want to peruse the claim to issue me the Dq?
  4. No good at abbreviations sorry. Im guessing its the questionaire? . the forum highlights some things but not all so was stumped! lol
  5. oh ok Andy, So how longs litigation take and is it all back and forth online / letters first? whats a DQ by the way? should i at least ask for a statement of account?
  6. Thinking about it, if there was a payment as they claim - which i dont ever recall or know of paying. would that then resume the 6 years on the Credit file as well? cuz as stated theres actually nowt on my credit file. Think a email to them tomorrow is called for
  7. Should they supply that with the CCA info? Alternatively is it an additional thing I have to ask for or can ask for in a 31:14?
  8. ]I hadnt got chance to do the 31:14 yet i have received a response from the solicitors. They claim ive made a payment but like i said before im very sure i havent! doesnt make sense.. .. Do i Sar to find out this "payment" they advise, or if i ask for copys of said payment would they provide along with the reset they are requesting and sending to me.
  9. Not sure what your sri for mate still worth the 31:14? or is that not really needed now?
  10. all filed DX I made sure as well i print screened my noddle with date and time showing incase a sneaky default suddenly appears
  11. received this back on my CCA. is this normal? as they are suggesting its going to take 40 days. [ATTACH=CONFIG]57983[/ATTACH]
  12. Yeah its defo SB! so should that defense be enough or is it a case i may be required to attend court still?
  13. sorry DX was eager with the letter and overlooked about posting in public threads. Did it appear to be ok? Defense you stated before along with capquests worst nightmare about SB etc filed. if it gets rejected what avenue do i go then?
  14. Sent the CCA recorded delivery with my postal order. Quick question could i email the 31:14 and stated emailed to keep costs down for both parties and state (for the reimbursement for copy costs) that im happy for scans of the document to be sent by email. As i was always led to believe both parties must be reasonable with trying to reduce costs. correct me if im wrong. Also would you mind looking at the 31:14 to ensure i havent deleted wrong things out.
  15. If it's SB do I still need to do the CCA request and the 31.14 or just do the defense as SB. Thanks. Also what's AOS?
  16. defo over 6 years as its before me and my partner got together and we been 6-7 years.been on noddle and cannot see Any reference to it at all. Not even an outstanding default or account listed
  17. Name of the Claimant - Cabot Financial UK Limited Issue Date - 22 May 2015 Particulars of Claim: 1. The Defendant entered into a credit agreement decribed by the original creditor as CAPITAL ONE BANK (Europe)_ Credit Card and Having Account number XXXXX (The Account) 2. The Claimant, a UK limited company with company number 3757424, is the assignee and legal owner of all rights previously enjoyed by the original creditor in respect of the account 3. The defendant is indebted to the claimant in respect of the account in the sum 405.32 4. The claimant c
  18. Evening all, I was advised be a relative to pop on here as they said you guys would be able to help. I received a claim form from the county court claimant - Cabot Financial UK and Weightmans LLP representing,in relation to a outstanding capital one credit card. I had this card around 7/8 years ago and to my knowledge i never made a payment. I've joined Noddle and cannot see any reference to this account so its well over 6 years old. I've read through the paper and cannot find any dates on here when they say i had the card and when I defaulted on my account. obviously its very worry
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