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  1. I will dig out a copy and post it here. Hopefully someone can assist?
  2. They sent me copies of the agreement and I got a letter before action after which I started paying installments. how can I check if it is enforceable? looks like they wont be around for long so I may be off the hook.
  3. It is an MBNA credit card debt from a few years ago. I know it is owed so I have been dutifully paying it.
  4. There are posts on forums that Experto Credite are about to go belly up. If you search "Experto in trouble" in google you will find the posts. Posters are saying that Experto Credite can't pay some government department (HMRC/VAT?) and they have stopped paying staff. I have plans with them for debt they have bought from MBNA (Varde?). Should I keep paying them? I am worried that my payments will go missing or be frozen if they go bust. Anyone else here have payment plans with them?
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