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  1. Hi Nimrod, Sorry, my bad, I meant Peugeot 308, I always get them mixed up for some strange reason.
  2. Thankyou unclebulgaria67 I agree with you. The car is actually my Fathers and I think once he drove away from the forecourt having been told it would not be repaired under warranty and they had done a remedial repair but not the full paid for repair then he has no claim to the larger repair in response to driving it as it was. Peugeot should have done the repair as a matter of courtesy under warranty to a repeat customer since it COULD have been the parts had come loose during 10 months wear and tear, as it was they let him go knowing that there was a danger the bumper could come of
  3. Hi unclebulgaria67 Thanks for that information, that explains where they are coming from then.
  4. Hi BF It was bought from Robbins & Day Gateshead and yes they refused to fix under guarantee. The car was not tampered with by me however after it happened the dealership sent someone out to take a look and their guess was that thieves had started to undo the bolts to steal it and been scared off. (This of course is speculation) However it was at the dealership prior to coming off as it was loose, they "secured" it but refused to do a complete job with new nuts and bolts under g'tee and wanted £94 approx to fix (no signs of any other damage to bumper)
  5. Thanks, Car is Fully Comprehensive. We had a Solicitor who was going to sue Peugeot but then decided there was a conflict of interest for them and backed off. Do you think we should find another solicitor as the car was bought new from a Peugeot dealership.
  6. I will keep this brief... New Peugeot C3 about 10 months old, rear bumper came loose and flew off of motorway, Morethan say I cant claim as there was no third party involved in the incident. Peugeot refuse to repair under warranty. Any thoughts highly appreciated. Thanks Scott
  7. Hi, It will be 8 weeks next Wednesday since I drove from Newcastle on Tyne to South Yorkshire to have a new stainless steel exhaust system fitted to my Mazda MX5. They offered to send my old system back to me by courier at no extra charge which I thought was great as it is a lot to fit in a small car. They have not returned it, when I call the owner says he will look into it and call me back but never does, then he said it was because he lost my address, then it was promised for last Friday delivery, yet again , after I sent an email to which his reply sounded genuine and very
  8. Hi Thank you for your replies. As it transpires we managed to get most of our original credit balance back and an apology. This was done by telephone. There is the issue of the random £33 bill and deduction from our credit the whole issue has caused so much pain we are letting that go. Over and out.
  9. Hi In 2012 my father had a few hundred pounds credit with npower and decided to change energy provider. They then sent a bill to say he owed them about two hundred, he did not pay this but also did not get any credit back. Now they are saying he owes £33, no explanation as to why. Should we just pay this and hope they go away or continue to dispute it? If we dispute it what is the best way to do so? (phone calls don't seem to work as the agent agrees we should not be being billed but the letters still arrive) Many thanks as this is causing a great deal of upset
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