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  1. Brilliant! I just reopened my credit score and its sitting at 951, the same as before and no notification from Santander. The only query I now have is why Santander have changed the "opening balance" date on the summary to 2014 when I have not made any correspondence with them since 09. Thanks for all your help Bazooka:)
  2. Nice one Bazooka! I owe them the 490 although it shows as CRD on the statement. I have an experian credit score of 951 from 2012 which bizarrely doesn't show Santander movements (quite possibly an equifax check?) Let's say it is on my Equifax (which i haven't checked as yet) it surely has to be removed after the five years from 2009 right and all Debt agencies to stop proceedings against recovery? Cheers for the quick response!
  3. Hello guys:) Just returned from a long stint overseas and walked into Santander to open a bank account on Wednesday. I stupidly forgot that my account was written off in late 2009 with 490.00 inside. The clerk noticed a closed account and pulled me to one side to confirm the situation and advised it would be wiser not to try and reopen a new account and would be much better off going elsewhere (good of her to be open and honest) Within two days of my visit I have received a Transaction Summary Statement. I've already researched what this letter is used for so issues there. They
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