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  1. Thats right. Its in writing on the deposit/ offer contract recipte which was signed by the agency and ourselves. The property came part furnished (sofa, fridge, table, wardrobe). Im not sure who the landlord is although the management agency are called Property Net. Thank you x
  2. Hey everyone, So here is my problem, My friend and I have moved into a new flat last month and part of the moving in deal was a new freezer to compensate the rent increase from the previous tenants. This was agreed upon a month before we moved in, a month has now passed and still no new freezer (they even said it would be arriving in the afternoon when we moved in) . I have emailed the agency and rang them on several occasions although they just lie and say it will be here tomorrow. N Its not so much having or waiting for the freezer but more the on the princip
  3. Thank you so much DX!!! I might be able to sleep now thanks to you! I'll get drafting a (short) letter, would it be ok if I send it to you before I sent it? Your hospitality has actually really inspired me, before I never thought these type of forums existed, or would provide any help. But I see now, from this and others that they do provide a service to people in need. PS - Im planning on becoming a building surveyor believe it or not, and I know lots about housing tendencies including landlord and tenant issues. I will look for some forums and try to help
  4. No, I only gave him the normal oyster card, I kept the freedom pass hidden in my bag and didnt say anything x
  5. Sorry, I do tend to go on... Yeah I did, and to top it off I gave a different oyster card to the officer. Im such an idiot, please help. What do you think will happen? Im shaking just thinking about it x
  6. First of all, I feel so ashamed of what I have done, I have developed a massive anxiety issue and am finding it hard to eat and sleep, let alone step foot on public transport. Im absolutely terrified of what might happen so any help will be truly appreciated. I graduated from University two years ago, although getting good grades I have struggled to find a job, I'm in massive debt and am still stuck in my overdraft. Despite this I plan on working and taking a masters so I can proceed with a career. Im also doing fundraising for charity which I love, and need to travel t
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