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  1. Hmmm yea that sounds about right. I dont owe them anything but they caused me hell a good few years ago and....well Karma and all that.... I just spoke to the Ombudsman and they have a statement with regards to any complaint made against them which is that to tell customers that they are currently not investigating complaints against them but that they are looking in to wether they have money to pay compensation etc and to keep checking, the register when you put in Minicredit even brings back details of a company called Smartloan LTD / ctcapital and i emailed the contact there who r
  2. Hi, Ive been making payday loan complaints which started in December have so far had 3 successes and about to send some to FOS. However im confused about MiniCredit. Their website is still fully active? I know there is a statement with regards to them no longer trading at the bottom of their website with a link to the FCA, however their website still updates daily and from what i can see will let you make applications? They have links to Kapama and Opos etc. Im pretty sure that they must still be in operation but I cant find any post that confir
  3. It was revoked in Oct 2014, I have sent it back and they said as soon as they receive it ( don't need to wait for it back ) I can drive again. Oh and yes obviously my main concern is the fact I got caught speeding, 20 years with a clean licence has now gone and yea it worries me. That doesn't discount the fact that my personal information is given away just like that, it could have been anyone? Because of it, it's caused a lot of friction and stress for my mum and that's why I'm annoyed this info was just handed out? My sky tv is in my girlfriends name and I tried to ring up about so
  4. Ok thanks for the reply. It was just my licence that was never received tho and what I don't understand is that if I ring them then they ask me all my personal details first but then when my mum rang, they happily told her my licence was revoked without any questions? Why would that be published in the press? Fair enough it was a drink driving offence but it was 37mph in a 30 zone and I'm not disqualified from driving, it just needs renewing?
  5. Hi, hope somebody can answer this for me. Been driving for nearly 20 years with no fines...until last year, my dad is the registered keeper of my car, he received the letter and sent it back advising my name. Sent it back, paid the fine etc, job done...I thought. 2 months ago I got another, did the same with the letter but didn't hear. The other day my mum rang me and she was fuming, said that she rang the number to find out why nothing has happened and they told her my licence was revoked for failing to send my licence back last year. This was the first I knew of it, I thought points were aut
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