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  1. Good news looks like CCJ has been removed as its coming off my credit report according to Clearscore. Done further investigating into this and it seems it was done by either my ex wife or somebody she was with at the time , DSAR on Barclays but im having a hard time getting any info from them. DID a DSAR on all my bank accounts and found that she set it up to come out of my bill paying account which had 20 + direct debits at the time , I never twigged I must have presumed it was Car or House Insurance . She would have got away with it if i hadn't closed tha
  2. After being ignored by Hoist via email and letter , i advised i have reported to Ombudsman via email three days later i have received a letter saying they have applied to the Court to set aside the CCj. I am chasing for compensation for ruining my credit file for 3 years due to the fact i cannot get a loan when i need one due to this. Also figured out who did this and how they got away with it , and it would have paid off for them if LLoyds hadn't swapped their branch with TSB
  3. thanks for the assistance and help. Letters being prepared and will update when i get anything more back
  4. As i rarely used credit other than already existing bank / credit cards then no Financial loss other than the damage to my credit file which is causing a major issue at the moment until the CCJ is removed , as I am actually needing to access Finance. Reading Barclays Letter they say final decision and go to Ombudsman so i will chuck a complaint into them and see what transpires. As for hoist should I write to them enclosing Barclays correspondence and ask them kindly to get a move on with their solicitors to get it removed ?
  5. do i have a chance of claiming compensation from Hoist as they have admitted to Barclays that they failed to follow process three years ago and i have been stuck with a CCJ I should never have had and should have been removed back in 2018 ?
  6. added response from Barclays , all Relevant scrubbed out upload.pdf
  7. i thought it might be helpful to know what correspondence they sent and to where prior to them getting the CCJ on me
  8. Oddly enough i have just had an email from Barclays Partner Finance saying they are looking into my compliant and have a reference number as will get a response inside 28 days , only taken 10 days to get a response. I suspect the CEO office might be swamped with complaints from Barclaycard holders Both SARS are now printed with copy of Barclays letter off to post via signed for delivery so i should know when they get them
  9. Oh yes i still have the letter and sent a copy to Jes stavely CEO of Barclays , I have never banked with Barclays and assumed them to be competent and would have resolved the issue years ago especially as i had no further contact re the debt. Given recent coverage of Barclays in the Media i may have seriously underestimated their competence back in 2018
  10. i am not sure Barclays would have known it was at the time it was sold , I did not find out about the debt myself until after the CCJ was obtained. I then contacted Barclays who requested lots of Information from their fraud team , gave them it all and then they came back as said yes fraudulent. Hoist have had the correct contact address since 2018 and this is the first communication from them since. I will send a SAR to Barclays and Hoist as well as a copy of the correspondence from Barclays to Hoist see if they will set aside
  11. Hi looking at the paperwork i have the solicitors are called Howard Cohen are they represent a company called Hoist Portfolio Holdings
  12. Hi Just trying to get some advice as Im going round in circles with Barclays. In January 2018 I found out I had a CCJ against me , I never received any communication for two reasons firstly the alleged debt was taken out at some point in 2012 after I had moved out of a home and then all the mail was then sent to my mothers home which had been rented out , I only found out as when the tenant moved out and i saw the post left out in the kitchen after i went round to clean up. I established from the letters the original debt was Barclays Finance and contacte
  13. I will be able to after the weekend , im on four 16 hour days so its work sleep rotate until monday
  14. The only paperwork provided doesnt indicate any details of contract , only the summary of bills ie oct 2010 x amount and underneath paid x amount by d/d and so forth until January 2014 when no more payments are received. The amounts are then in excess of £100 per month ive certainly never had a contract for that amount , and the amount being claimed is in excess by several hundered pounds more than showing on the statement summary , with no mention of how any of this is calculated. How should i repond i have seen a dispute letter would that be best sent asking for a complete breakd
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