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  1. What is the safest way to pay off the order? I don't like the idea of trusting the creditor with an £8000 payment without ensuring that the charge is lifted. Especially with the interest side of the debt being in dispute and the attitude I received last time I spoke to them.
  2. I have read the suggested post and s77a of the CCA1974 and my conclusion is that they covered all their bases regarding interest to be added after the judgement but have negated all of it by not sending any statements. So the best course of action is to pay off the CO amount in a few months and then tell them to stick the interest?
  3. Hi guys, really appreciating the advice.... The initial claimant application asks for Contractual Interest to be added. The interim charging order paperwork states the amount of debt + any interest and charges becoming due. The application for charging order on land or property states... The judgement or order required the judgement debtor to pay £xxxx (including any costs and interest). The amount now owing is £xxxxx (which includes further interest payable on the judgement debt) I actually have one letter from Lester Aldridge who still do hold the account from last year stati
  4. The terms state that interest is being accrued, It is merely the point that in 7 years I have had zero contact from whoever holds the debt... No statements or notification of the debt changing hands.. I have dug up some info that tends to suggest that they should have been providing statement to show the interest being added..
  5. It was RCI finance and the car was repo'd.. Fasttrack (Lester Aldridge) were dealing with it, but after some digging I found it had been transferred to Matthew Arnold Baldwin at some point.. As I said I have had no contact since the judgement in 08
  6. It was a car loan. Total of £8300 was placed on a charging order. The loan was covered by the cca 1974 and the court papers specifically mentioned adding interest after the judgement. The debt is in my name only but the mortgage is jointly held.. i rang the creditor about a year ago to speak to them about a payment plan and they refused to discuss it and asked for the full amount.
  7. It's a restriction.. Single debt on joint mortgage.
  8. I have had a CO for the last 6 years on my property and looking at the court forms interest is being added every month. The issue is that since the charge was granted I have had absolutely no contact from the creditor at all. I did ring them once to try to set up a payment plan but was rudely rejected and told to pay the whole amount plus interest or they were not interested. So my question is, are they meant to send me an annual statement of interest as I have no idea how much the debt stands at now? and when in a few months I have enough saved to pay off the amoun
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