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  1. So if not paying in full and admitting defeat... what are my next steps ? Do I contact Cabot & Restons and give them my current address? Or ignore the claimants, build a defence and submit for setting aside the judgement? Things done so far, 2 phone calls with the court whereby I have given my current address.
  2. Oh I see. What does a default judgement mean then? March 08 is when I took it out yes. Last payment I do not remember, but have an email that suggests it was around 07 2009 The court said the claimant is Cabot
  3. I thought that was the point of the CCJ, the enforce the debt and send in collectors... OK The loan was back in March 08.
  4. Yeah, fake in that all of the accreditations they said it had were never true. It has been bought by Cabot - and what they will have is a contract between Hitachi and I. If I remember correct it'll detail it being a loan for educational purposes maybe?? So I signed up to the course with SkillsTrain, and then a contract between Hitachi & I for the course fee (paid to SkillsTrain). I am starting to come around to fighting this, but the thought of debt collectors coming to my house scares the sh*t out of me.
  5. Sorry the helpdesk guy also mentioned this, that the claim detail was simply £1952 and that it originally was between me and Hitachi. He said normally the claims include a lot more info
  6. Have just spoken with court about it, and the judgement was defaulted. No judge even looked at it. The chap said basically, my options are to apply for repayments, apply to set aside, or pay in full direct with the solicitors Restons and then the court will mark the CCJ as satisfied. I do have the available money by way of my credit card, or my OH getting a loan to pay it off for me. Repayments is not really an option, if I am admitting and paying then I want it paid in full and gone. The temptation to pay it off is strong, because we can just move on (already have an outstanding loa
  7. So get in touch with the court and ask what is owed and how to pay it then? The CCJ does say exactly £1,952 - will it be this plus all those extras?
  8. What's the best way to go about paying it off? I am worried that if I just approach the creditor direct I'll end up with "Oh yes and all these additional charges" etc..
  9. Sorry but I have no proof that I cancelled back in 2008. Also regarding the £150, I meant that I can't afford to waste it. Paying off this debt from would just be a case of shifting it elsewhere
  10. I just want to pay it off I think. It's too much to deal with, I don't have £150 to risk on a set aside...
  11. Do you mean my Current address DX? If so, no they don't - I haven't received any correspondence at my current house. Been here 12 months now.
  12. The loan was open in March 2008 - so will have turned 6 years old back in March 2014. But does the SB start from the last payment I made to it? That'll surely be less than 6 years ago I think. With regard to the CCJ and bailiffs - it's against my old address, and so I have not had any correspondence from them. I have recently joined the electoral register (to vote the other week) - would they be constantly searching for me and will find out my address? Further to this, pending referencing I will be moving again in a month! I did contact the court today and asked for info, because I d
  13. Date on the CCJ is 13/08/2014. I would assume that it was Cabot who won the judgement against me.
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