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  1. Hi, I bought a 4 year old Citroen C4 Grand Picasso mid June 2014 with 19k on the clock from a reputable dealer with an up to date MOT certificate (June 2014). Mid July 2014 a small Halfords near where I work fitted a Sony stereo that they sold me, and on the way home I noticed some of my peripheral electrics (air con, fans) were not working. I rang the store and they gave me the run around, so I rang another local store (nearer home) that is bigger (with more helpful staff), and they agreed to repair it for me, using the Autocentre attached. I had the car back, with the factory issue original stereo reinstalled and the faults rectified. I wasn't given any paperwork at the time, and although I asked and rang a couple of times, none was sent out to me. Life as a busy full time working single mum continued, and I forgot about it - my husband left me that same May and life was quite chaotic for a while. I did get some odd number readings when the display came on, but I assumed they were not my mileage as I hadn't taken the time to read the manual and the display was complicated with lots of toggling between menus, and I am always in a rush. I took my car for a new MOT and service this week, to be told my car in just over 11 months (May 2015) now reads 137k on the clock. This is clearly logged on the new MOT certificate. I have been in touch with Halfords, and the Autocentre found the original paperwork which said that at the end of July 2014 when they completed the repair my mileage was 133k - so that is a jump in 5 weeks from 19k to 133k. Halfords seem to have washed their hands of it, even though it was their fitting service that created the problem, as they are blaming the repair by the Autocentre. The Autocentre customer services has just rung me and asked me to take the car to an 'independent audio technician' for a 'report'. I acted dumb and said I didn't know any and wouldn't know what to say, so they are ringing the autocentre in the morning to recommend a local audio technician, and to get the Autocentre to prep the audio technician with exactly what they want to find out. This sounds fishy to me - like the two companies (both subsidiaries of Halfords) are trying to pass the buck, plus expecting me to pay for this report. At the end of the day, I bought a stereo from Halfords and had it fitted by Halfords, not the Autocentre, therefore any problem that I have should be rectified by Halfords. I don't know where to go from here. Help thanks for listening, Edna
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