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  1. Chances are argos, Will either give you a new one or repair. I don't think they would refund you, However by rights you are entitled to one.
  2. It says in the seller protection that the buyer must pay the return fee. But in the buyers protection its the seller, I'd say contact eBay and ask them, You can do this via the live chat. I'm going to as I wanna know why, When I was in a dispute as a buyer, I HAD to pay. When I was in a dispute as the seller, The buyer had to pay.
  3. Exactly. But if I was the buyer, I would be saying the seller should cover it etc, I wouldn't be trying to put myself out of pocket now would
  4. The Buyer HAS to pay the return cost. If this went in a claim, eBay would either give them a return label or they have to cover the costs. I think I should know considering, I've been in a dispute before. No matter the reason, Even if the seller was at fault the buyer would be expected to pay the fee and make sure the item gets to the seller safely, As it's no longer the sellers property its the buyers. In my experience this has been the case. The whole, It must be returned in the same condition, They received it. Is aload of crap. We all know soon as eBay see's item delivered on the tracking they refund the buyer straight away and close the case. Just because I've only just joined, Doesn't make me the buyer at all.
  5. Okay firstly, The buyer HAS to pay the return postage costs to you. So you will not be covering the return fee's. As you never stated a few minor things in the item description the buyer has every right to send the item back, As technically it is, "IND" If it comes in worse damage to you then you sent it out, You can always take pictures of the reports and upload them onto the claim. PayPal will take this into consideration. Your postage fee's was a contract between you and them, They have delivered their part. And do not have to refund you in any way as they done what they're supposed to do. If it's in the same state you sent it out, Then it seems you will have to refund. And try and re-sell to someone else, But make sure you list every single detail. Your account is suspended, Does it say you can appeal the suspension?
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