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  1. I joined this group about a year ago when a musical instrument I sent via Parcel Force arrived damaged. I knew that I could not get enhanced insurance on the item as it is on their list of prohibitive items for extra insurance coverage. But it is covered by the basic £100. (So I took the chance as I have posted this item to myself over a dozen times in the past with no issues as it was always well wrapped.) However, the response I got this time when things went wrong was terrible to say the least. I do admit I made my claim outside of the 60 days time limit (as I travel abroad alot), bu
  2. I know this is a slightly old post, but I had a similar experience with a musical instrument. I was aware of the 'no enhanced compensation' as it was on the 'items not included' list, but I did phone and ask if the instrument would be covered for at least the basic £100. I was told yes... but PF own staff on their helpline. As I had sent this instrument to myself many times over with PF I did not really have too many worries. I pack it well and it arrives when it should. (I travel around and don't have a car.) On receipt this occasion however, it was cracked at t
  3. Jennifer, please can you advise me where on EBay T's & C's that it is the BUYER who has to pay the return costs please. If this is the case I will be making sure the buyer either posts the item back to me, or brings it in person to my house. (Although I am reluctant to do the latter as they have threatened my family.) I will possibly ring EBay in the morning and ask them. (Although I get so frustrated (and infuriated) they are non native English speakers on the end of the line and at the end of the day they don't give a monkeys. I did see that EBay charge for a return label, (2.99
  4. Thank you Renedageimp. (Was thinking I was going bonkers! Although I am currently in this state of affairs CrappoMan - yes, you hit it on the head. Thank you for the suggestion of MCOL. I had never heard of it before. (Sadly I feel I have to let the whole thing go once item collected, as I am concerned for the safety of my elderly father.) As I say, if he had not been part of the equation I think I would be going all the way!
  5. Sorry Renedageimp I don't understand your post ^. I am writing as the seller, and I feel I have a genuine complaint against the buyer and EBay. I have just added up my losses (including the devaluation of the machine now it is rendered only fit for parts). The total is approx 450 poounds. I know I am new here, but I just needed to find out out peoples experiences and perhaps find a way through this mess. I feel for the people who have also experienced what I am going through (it is not over yet as I still have to meet with the buyer and collect the item. I am doing this rather than paying 5
  6. Jennifer ^ From EBay returns policy it is the SELLER that has to cover return postage costs. So I am still confused by your posting: "When an item is returned to the seller The buyer must return the item in the same condition in which it was received. The seller is required to accept the return at the same location specified in the listing. The cost of return postage is the seller’s responsibility. For items being returned with a total cost of £750 or more, signature confirmation is required. The seller pays for any customs charges on the returned item."
  7. Update: After receiving various threatening emails from the buyer, including the fact she 'knew where I lived and was coming round', and the prospect of losing my Ebay and PPal fees forever (as it would seem from reading people's experiences here that there seems very little chance the seller has any protection these days, despite the wording on the EBay policy pages.) I gave the woman a full refund. (This has also freed up my PPal account and I can re-list my other items for sale.) It is shocking to see reading the EBay guidelines (re policy) on threats, that when it escalates, the
  8. Hi Jennifer, I am confused by your post ^ Are you saying the BUYER has to cover the return postage costs, no matter the reason for the return? I agree with you re being 100% honest about a listing description. (This has been one area I am always careful on as I know it could lead to issues later.) However, I was unable to see what was in the box myself, as I was selling on behalf of a family member, and went entirely on the list they gave me. This is also why I did not mention specific accessories (some which can be purchased as extras for the machine), as I didn't want to misl
  9. Citizen B. I think I will be going to collect the unwanted item in person. A. To save myself the 50 quid postal charges and B. I am very close to the buyer. (Although when the item was originally sent my daughter had it further up country and it was not possible, so it was posted.) I will face the buyer out, as she has in fact offered to 'come round and see me' (as in veiled threat to tell me what is what.) I will then have to argue with EBay to get my fees back. (As I am choosing NOT to give in at this early stage by giving a full refund, plus postage costs, until I
  10. I have been a happy and successful EBayer for the past 7 years. (With the odd minor disappointment of something I have bought. But no major crisis/hassles.) But as a seller I have a buyer who has received the goods as described (An expensive sewing machine), which was fully serviced and passed as GWO by the technician before dispatch. (I have this in writing, but reading the other experiences here I don't know how much sway it will have.) I admit there were 3 small items missing from the box (2 of which are essential to its working and 1 optional.) I have provided repl
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