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  1. Thank you again. If I'm understanding this right the fact that the defaults don't expire till 2018 means my credit rating stays bad until then? Which would potentially tie in with my plan to try and be debt free in 3 years so to me is good news that it should all come together at the same time if its achievable. The remaining bigger balances are almost half of what they were 4 years ago so I'm hoping I can see a but of light at the end of the tunnel! I note advice not to speak to anyone on the phone so should I write to all the companies to advise that I will no longer be dealing with payplan and send offers in terms of potential payments? I want to try and arrange a set amount with an end date of 2018 if possible as a pose to a dmp as they will ask for the amounts to be reviewed so should I ask for a settlement figure to them potentially divide over the 3 years if I can manage it or just tell them what I will be paying? The Barclaycard one hopefully should be ok and I assume its pointless it being on the dmp when the minimum payments are being made and the interest continuing. Thanks for the well wishes Lilythepink, I appreciate you didn't intentionally worry me!
  2. Sorry posted a reply without seeing further responses so editing as don't think I can delete. Off to read other responses!
  3. What would you advise as the next steps then? Request the sar from all of the companies and try to keep the dmp until then? Or cancel the dmp and pay nothing until I get the info back? Not sure how to progress now. Do I tell payplan I am requesting the sar info and ask them to hang fire with the review whilst I determine whether there is any money to claim back, do I ask for settlement figures from the companies and lastly if shoosmiths aren't the lenders so I write to rbs then or shoosmiths? Again thank you for the advice and the reassurance. I was terrified when this was all originally beginning with payplan and now I just want to try and get it paid asap. I think 3 Years is potentially realistic by then I will be able to move forward hopefully debt free!!
  4. Also no I haven't contacted any of them yet so no haven't spoken to them.
  5. The credit report says the lenders are rbs but the pay plan money and the name of the creditors on pay plan says shoo smiths. Not had any letters since pay plan took over. Suppose my fear is through my naivety and lack of experience with this however the earlier reply about asking for cca from nationwide scared me!!
  6. Thank you so much for your help so far.. . The direction to noddle was particularly useful as I'm now able to provide the information to answer your questions. As follows... Idem - originally tesco credit card, opened 9/2/11 - defaulted 22/11/11 Rbs card opened 3/7/08, defaulted 14/2/12 Barclaycard opened 2/7/09- not defaulted, seems the dmp is meeting the minimum payments. I think the interest is around £8 per month Rbs loan - now with shoosmiths opened 4/1/11 defaulted 29/2/12 Rbs account ( overdraft) with shoosmiths opened 16/11/00 defaulted 31/5/12 I want to pay more to the creditors so should I contact them directly to arrange this? Pay plan are saying my dmp has to be reviewed by 8th June but if I'm doing it myself I don't want to review it. I want to make sure however that no payments are missed In between times. If I request the sar the template letter says they have 40 days to respond so should I just try and keep the dmp until I have the required info? I'm worried that if the review isn't done by the 8th that the creditors may decline to continue the dmp in the meantime and I don't want to end up in court!! It's all scary stuff but I feel like if I continue with the dmp I'll be paying for a lt longer than I now need to.
  7. They already have in the most part stopped the interest and charges when the dmp was first taken out 4 years ago, the dmp is still in place at the moment but I want to stop it and not sure whether they will then put the interest and charges back on or whether I would be able to successfully negotiate with creditors a new set amount to pay myself over a set time limit so that an end is in sight. It seems from checking the pay plan summary and the actual statements that's I owe more than pay plan are saying? Not sure how they've worked it out but they have my remaining debt as less than it actually is. What would be really helpful is to know whether it is risky to stop the dmp or whether it is possible to come to the kind of arrangement I am looking for without the risk of threats and charges , and a step by step list of what to follow, when to do it and at what point to cancel the dmp. I appreciate I am asking a lot and I am extremely grateful for advice.
  8. Hi, thanks both for replies. I need to try and dig out old agreements as I'm not sure off the top of my head what dates the agreements were. I've just looked at statements for the 3 credit cards, on the barclaycard it says new activity so seems they are still charging some minimal interest. The rbs one doesn't reach the minimum payments so has overdue payment on, the minimum payment is £27 which I could manage and get rid of pretty quickly . I've checked the tesco issue, it's only very recent that they have passed the debt on and the letter I have from them says it was being passed to Idem capital securities ltd. paragon is the name that comes up on my pay plan creditors list, not sure why there are two names I hadn't realised till I just checked the paperwork, yes it was a credit card. Is there any reason why they wouldn't be legally entitled to claim the money back as its debt I have gathered through the credit cards and loan? Not sure what this means!
  9. Hi, thanks for your reply. I am a complete novice when it comes to finance and I have no idea what cca and sar requests are however will be off to google shortly! I'm not sure what dates the accounts were opened either. They are all credit cards with the exception of one which was a bank loan, as follows 2x shoo smiths solicitors - originally rbs Paragon personal finance ltd - originally tesco Natwest/rbs Barclays Bank Plc I have never missed any payments, I began the dmp when I was struggling to live off what was left but payments have always been made and I don't think there are any late payments. As for PPI, I don't believe there to be any on these accounts but I'm not 100% certain. Please excuse my absolutely pathetic ignorance, I clearly have a lot of reading up to do. I am capable of doing it I just need to know how and the risks around it. Thanks very much
  10. hello, first time here after reading some posts thought I would join in the hope I could get some advice. I have a dmp with pay plan, had since 2011. 5 creditors and according to my pay plan summary have approximately £10,700 remaining to pay. My review is due however I am now in a better position financially and want to get my debts paid off quicker. I looked into a loan to consolidate just to see what the monthly payments would be over a 3 year term and it would be manageable. The issue being that I would be unable to get a loan. I want to look into the option of ending my dmp to try and get my debts paid off sooner, ideally within a 3 year timescale. There are 2 creditors that I could pay off within 12 months but as pay plan payments are set, the dmp wouldn't allow for this. I'm worried however if the creditors returned to the previous payments with additional interest that I wouldn't be able to go it alone. If anyone could possibly give me some advice as to what my options are, whether negotiations with creditors are possible and what I need to do it would be massively appreciated. Pay plan are hounding me for my review however I don't want to speak to them until I know what my options are as to whether I can get rid of this debt quicker. Many thanks
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