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  1. Thanks, I will head down tomorrow but it is just a building site now. If there is anything of the original layout left I will take some pics.
  2. OK, I have emailed the CO-OP explaining the situation and requesting that they instruct UKCPS to drop the claim. I have also requested they supply me with the original contract for the car park in question and any site plans they have, specifically showing which space is allocated to which industrial unit and where the UKCPS signs were posted, if they have that info. When I have that reply I will contact UKCPS with a Part 18 request for the evidence they hold that they intend to use in court.
  3. The particulars of the claim are: Claim against [name] for outstanding parking charge issued to vehicle [reg no] on land named [car park name]. This land is managed by UKCPS Ltd and vehicles parked at the site are subject to parking restrictions which are set out on signs at the site and form a contract between the driver of the vehicle and UKCPS Ltd. [name] or a driver parked the vehicle on [date] @ [time] without a valid permit or authority. Or the keeper who may have been the driver or alternatively has chosen not to name the driver and is therefore responsible for payment as required under Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedom Act 2012. By parking on this land a driver contractually agrees to pay a charge of 100. The amount remains unpaid and stands at 100 plus an additional 50 incurred in collection fees whereby the remaining 50 becomes a commercially justifiable figure. Claimant - P Haswell
  4. Let's hope so! I will have a good look at some other threads and hopefully come up with an effective defence. I will also suggest a stay pending a POPLA case, despite me officially missing the time frame for this
  5. I see, thanks, the GPEOL could be a helpful point then. I will do some research into that and hopefully include it in my defence.
  6. Yes, I hope to defend in full. The problem I have is that I have no legal knowledge and I am concerned I might miss a significant point that might otherwise go in my favour.
  7. Hello, Just before christmas 2013 I got a parking charge notice put on my windscreen after parking in an allocated parking space for a small industrial unit that was unoccupied (To Let signs up, chained up doors). The site was approximately 15 small adjoined units built around a car park with about 50 spaces, each unit having a number of allocated spots. I believed that as the unit was not in use, nobody would even notice, let alone care if I parked there for 10 minutes. The space was not directly outside the unit and I was not blocking any access. The car park was only about half full and I saw no UKCPS signs whatsoever when I parked. After returning to my car and realising that where I had parked was the domain of a private parking company I had a look for some signs and found one approximately 8 ft (maybe higher) up on a wall of an industrial unit opposite, facing the entrance to the car park (not visible from where I had parked, and not readable or even particularly noticeable to drivers when entering the car park). A few years back a friend of mine had been issued one of these tickets, ignored it and never heard anything again, so at the time I just drove off, not unduly worried. It turns out the car park for the industrial units was owned by Co-op, although separated from the actual nearby co-op car park by a canal and a fence (no signs to show that the co-op also owned that land at all) I ignored the letters they sent (I realise now this was out of date advice), and after 3 or 4 I heard nothing more for many months until a County Court Claim Form arrived this morning for £175. Unfortunately, I did not take any photos at the time as I was not think that UKCPS would actually chase me. The site has now been bulldozed to make way for a new road. Given that my main defence seems to be inadequate signs and I have no photographic evidence of that, are there any other good avenues of defence I should use in addition? Thanks in advance, t
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