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  1. no it doesn't mention PE v Beavis anywhere. I have also received a photocopy today off PE refusing mediation. what is the next step now then?
  2. Hello, well I have had a letter and reply to defence now off parking eye to say that they are going to proceed with the county court claim. I have also received directions questionnaire, (small claims track) which I am filling in and returning. Is there anything I should know/be aware of?
  3. Thank you very much ericsbrother. I have sent that in now and will let you know what happens
  4. I think i may have to pay my fine as i am getting close to running out of time for my defence. Do you think i can make them an offer of the original £60?
  5. Hi yes I sent the paper form back on the 26th May. I would really like to move forward with whatever I need to do, im beginning to lose sleep over this now. I am very concerned about going to court as m not at all knowledgeable in these matters and don't know how to proceed.
  6. Im still reading through so much material but cant seem to find a similar case to mine. Is there a way to appeal so I don't have to go to court? In not knowledgeable enough at all to understand all this technical stuff im reading through and I would be utterly useless in court.
  7. Hi, can you tell me if I should receive anything to say that they have received my acknowledgment form? Should I send in my defence form now?
  8. Hi, the more I read the parking pranksters guide and other related threads the more confused and upset I get. Im panicking now about forming and putting down on paper a reasonable defence.
  9. I have contacted the council and planning permission was applied for and granted last year. I have been to take photos. There are council run public toilets there which now have a small light outside. This was only switched on in April and runs through to September, which was confirmed by my local council. Should my defence be inadequate lighting for the signs? You can see how dark it is fro. The photos that parking eye sent me of my car going in and coming out of the car park
  10. Hi, I have not recieved any word back from the golf club as yet. I am posting my acknowledgement form back today. I will be going to the car park tonight when its dark to take some photographs and will contact the council today.
  11. The car park is a beach one and it is so much a tourist area. March is way out of season! I believe that parking eye was only put there last summer and I haven't been down there since.
  12. okay I will get that in the post now. I will see what my friend says when he has spoken to the owner and take it from there.
  13. thank you. yes and unfortunately, like many people, I buried my head in the sand and I did ignore the letters in the hope it would all go away.
  14. Hello! I'm just reading through different threads at the moment and have also downloaded the parking pranksters book/guide to my kindle. Issue date is 18th march 2015. particulars of claim are; Claim for monies outstanding from the defendant, as a registered keeper, in relation to a parking charge, issued 5/3/2015 for parking on private land in breach of the terms and conditions (the contract) Parkingeyes automated number plate recognition system, monitoring *********, captured vehicle **** entering and leaving the car park , parking without a valid paid parking ticket. The signage clearly displayed at the entrance to and throughout the carpark , states that this is private land, is managed by parking eye Ltd and is a paid parking site, along with other T+c's by which those who park on site agree to be bound. In accordance with the T+C's set out in the signage, the parking charge became payable. Notice under the protection of freedoms act 2012 has been given under Sch 4, making the keeper liable. This claim is in reference to Parking charge (s) xxx I have spoken to someone who works at the golf club and explained what happened and hopefully he is going to have a word with the owner to see if he will ask parking eye to drop the charge. If not and I chose to defend, should I send the acknowledgement of service form back to the court telling them that im defending the claim and fill and send then defence and counterclaim form form or just send the acknowledge of service on its own first??
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