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  1. Ok, the private land begins where the road colour changes (Tarmac to concrete) there are signs alongside the road however the only signs on the compound to which they are referring to are facing "inwards" they are not cusa me upon entering the gates, The roadside parking offence is relating to actually a circle if pavement (like an island in the car park belonging to an unused derelict building, the other is where there are 20 "spaces" with lines and I have parked alongside this. I drove at the time a small which was in no way blocking the roadway. This car park is free and no p&d is
  2. To be honest I didn't count them - there were ALOT! They weren't all for the same "offence" A lot if yellow ones, a few red ones then a like of letters from zzps (who then appointed Wright Hassle) My concern is that if I just pay these 3 they may pursue the rest (which are a lot more!) The address itself does not have a postcode however is just before a gym Unit 14-15 - CF105NE The particulars of claim highlight the arrangement between the landowner and NGP (no photos however claim references) I'm not home at the moment but will type up the full wording tomorrow . The other
  3. Ok - the land owner and the signage distances I can do in the morning. The space I parked in is no longer there as the landowner (I believe) has now put concrete blocks in place where I used to park (I know park elsewhere) The first letter came about last October, dated 3rd Oct 14, received it (roughly 10 days later) Following this (I ignored) I received numerous final reminders and the "debt" then being increased to £100 per ticket. Zzps then wrote to me around January to note they were taking this further and had/will apply fees if no response (again ignored) In April I receiv
  4. 15th May - I haven't long changed address so the redirect from Royal Mail has only just arrived
  5. Very fair point - I suppose my urgency is driven primarily at the fear of the unknown at the moment!
  6. Hi Dragonfly- Claimant is New Generation Parking - I beleive I binned the majority of the letters, I may have some to hand though. yellow letters with a picture of my vehicle (no sign in the picture to refer to)
  7. Afternoon! Really really hoping you guys can offer some advice. I have received a claim form from Northampton County Court Business Centre, SUM is for 664 inclusinve of costs. I have parked in a private "wasteland" car park, tucked away on the side of a building, subsequent to this i did receive PCN's however took local advice and one even from a police office to simply ignore. Having ignored these (first dated 03/10/2014) I have today received the claim letter along with a letter from the solicitors detailing the particlulars of claim. I wouild like to defend this cas
  8. Apologies - appreciate I'm more than likely breaching the forum etiquette however really need help asap! CCJ letter received from Wright Hassall (Right Hassle) solicitors. Sum is for £300 in a free car park! CCJ response required in 14 days - any idea on response which could hold any weight? Please help!
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