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  1. yes you are right however we are not a rich family and we could not bear the cost also most of the no win no fee lawyers are only interested in injuries, i had a most interesting conversation today with the Labour leader of the council who stated that these guards had commited no wrong doing as they had not been found guilty in a court of law, now if we follow this to its logical conclusion, anyone who gets a ticket for littering or overstaying parking should refuse to pay on the same grounds, however as we all know these are Labour polticians and as always it i
  2. on talking to a polceman one day about this case he told us of the name that the police use for the CPS it is "couldn't prosecute s**t"
  3. i understand your point, and my answer is how else can i descibe an innocent person being grabbed by the arm and being turned around and dragged backwards by the neck for about 20 yards down a shopping precinct
  4. you are aabsolutely right rather tellingly while googling a related item i have found out that chesterfield police safer neighbourhood team are working closely with the team of guards that attacked my son and partner and broke the law by breeching the data protection act surely this is even more absurd than making tony blair middle east peace envoy, oh irony of ironies, i wonder who is in whos pocket it seems police corruption is alive and well in chesterfield
  5. i had an appointment arranged for yesterday afternoon with the executive director who is dealing with the complaint to see the footage of the attack on my son. the reason for this being that the cctv footage we have been given is heavily pixilated and does not show the full extent of the attack rather tellingly the time stamp is also pixilated at one point in the footage we have there is 20 or so mins of the camera looking at poundland you can only tell it is is poundland by the colours as this is totaly pixilated, needless to say on arrival at the counci
  6. Since 8-8-2013 I have been in a constant battle with chesterfield borough council over the actions of council employed security guards in the council run shopping centre on this day. My disabled partner and special needs son had gone into poundland and on-going to the checkout to pay for their items they were confronted by a security guard who demanded to search their bags. They refused and went on their way, however they had only gone a few yards from poundland when my son was set upon bythe guard who had come up behind him grabbing him by the arm and then by the neck and dragging
  7. evidently you need to re-read my post, one of my complaints was that the store managers statements was that "my security staff have the right to stop you inside or outside of the store" i also put in my letter about the managers total lack of knowledge on the law relating to limitations on the lawful actions of security staff to be so astounding as to be beyond belief, how can you complain to a person who is totally ignorant of the law, it would be like expecting you to accept the obvious, do you truly think i would have got a better outcome in the face of such ignorance
  8. I have complained to the chief execs office and recieved the usual bovine manure reply you know the usual sincere apology while attempting to justify the unjustifiable, what i will say is if the same thing happened tomorrow in the same way then i would respond in exactly the same way again.
  9. simply by ignoring an alarm does not by itself cause suspicion and thankfully security staff cannot stop or abuse you simply because they may or may not have a suspicion, can you not see the contradiction in your stance,which seems to be, if you were a guard you would attempt to hold someone to account for as you see it breaking the law, and to facilitate this you would if i understand correctly break the law yourself which would at least make you as bad as any law breaker if not worse as you as a security guard should know better, thankfully laws are in place to protect us from abusive secur
  10. I feel i owe you an apologie i did not realise that you had been appointed supreme arbiter of what is and is not "the decent thing" as to your use of the word "tosh" it is not tosh its the law, a law which has been put in place to protect law abiding persons from the unreasonable actions of security staff who behave in an aggressive or abusive manner, by pure coincidence much the same as the guard in this case, you say that the guard was not accusing me of theft and she just wanted to check my bag, that is clearly "tosh" if she wanted to check my bag then she WAS accusing me of theft by impli
  11. I totally agree with the above the guards aggressive actions were clearly an attempt to intimidate me, and as such was clearly an attempt to bully me into returning to the store wasting MY time and submitting myself to a search simply because she shouted at me to do so even though she had no lawful authority to act in this manner, as has been alluded to on here by a friend of mine, i have grey hair i wear glasses and i am of of very slight build i am also very polite and reasonably well spoken, as a result of this persons have in the past mistakenly assumed that i am some sort of pushover and
  12. certain people posting are completely missing the point. 1 does the alarm sounding does that mean or proove you have stolen something NO 2 if the alarm sounds do i have a legal obligation to submit myself to a search NO 3 are security staff right to exit a shop and start shouting at people NO 4 do security staff have the right to shout orders at people to return to the store NO 5 do security staff have the right to arrest or detain you because the alarm sounds NO 6 did the guard in my case give any thought to my dignity inline with her training NO 7
  13. could i suggest that you read your post #21 you did indeed state i was asked to go back to the store when in fact the guard came out shouting at me telling me i had to go back into the store, if this does not constitute ordering me to comply to her dictat without the authority to do so, then i must be on drugs or from another planet
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