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  1. i thought you had to live on the street to get the residents parking permit. BTW its only the one street with permit restriction rest is ok
  2. Hello If a resident does not have parking facility on his road because there’s restriction in place and parks in an immediate side street near him (nearest side street/road), This side street becomes a residential parking scheme and permits needed to park; will it be possible to apply for a permit to park, if not resident on that street?
  3. Spoke with the case handler yesterday in c/c. Quite happy with all paperwork submitted and now ready to proceed with next stage, I believe starting the chargeback process with the seller. Will update any further process has been made or settled. Currently in 6 week time period from raising claim.
  4. This company has some major issues with cars and their preferred garage ACR , I think is in with them.
  5. I have started a section 75 claim with the c/c company and awaiting their decision. I will update once hear anything back
  6. if a faulty part is being replaced by new and seller request partial contribution as its claimed betterment, i do not understand why I should contribute, it's the sellers responsibility to put the vehicle right ,warrants the repair is safe and reasonable.i
  7. I agree with conniff, wear and tear has to be over a reasonable period before it can be put as a defence.
  8. I thought wear and tear can come in play if the item was fit for its purpose when purchased and fair reasonable period of use has been made taking in consideration the age and mileage, however in this instance it was reported back to the seller within 7 days , will this be a fair reasonable time of use? if a vehicles is past it's expected reliability after 100k miles , will it be correct to assume all vehicles sold with 100k miles or above are deemed as spares or repairs?
  9. I paid £3k on c/card and rest by bank... fault is difficult changing gears and clutch slipping, dealer inspected it and confirmed clutch faulty and needs replacing. I have written/signed for to the seller giving 7 days to repair but no reply from seller and now escalated section 75 route for refund to cover costs of repairs. what are your thoughts on starting a small court claim simultaneously or await section 75 decision?
  10. Hello I have an issue with a used car purchase I recently made. I need some help in deciding which direction to move forward. I recently purchased a used vehicle from a local dealer. Vehicle was just over 4 1/2 years old with tick over 100k miles; it’s been maintained well with FSH. Purchase price was £11k. I had the vehicle inspected at the dealers after it had a very unusual drive and it was diagnosed with a fault. I raised issue with the sellers team and offered to inspect the vehicle by their mechanics and if faulty will repair, I happily accepted that.
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