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  1. The pictures on page 3 show barely a parking scuff, how does that translate into week off work and a personal injury claim?
  2. Update to say the dealer intended to defend my court claim and it was due to go to mediation process in a couple of weeks time. I was claiming nearly £1400 for the cost of repairs plus court fee. However I also made a section 75 claim through the credit card company and they have agreed to settle an £1100 refund "in remedy of breach of contract and misrepresentation". I submitted lots of evidence which I think presented the investigator with a strong case under section 75: the car adverts, the sales invoice, the complaint letters to and from the dealer and the MOT failure ce
  3. Has he provided any evidence the car is not as described anyway?
  4. You failed to mention it was cat d: irrelevant unless you are a car trader. You failed to disclose the 'true' history: He would need to explain what this means? Anyway your advert lists clearly the history and again. I'm no expert but "Derrek vs Peek" case law he refers to is about a business transaction, not a private sale. You are not a car dealer, it isn't up to you to disclose stuff that you may not even know about. The only issue is if you knowingly told a blatant lie, for example if he directly asked you "Has this car ever been written off?" and you replied "No".
  5. Usually Cat D would cost less to repair than the value of the car, but the insurer decides to write it off anyway for whatever reason. Cat C is usually damage that costs more than the value of the car so the insurer writes it off, but often people buy back and get the work done cheaper than insurance rates. So the category given (in case of D or C) is more of an indicator of the total cost of the repair, not the level of damage the car actually sustained. Some valuable cars with quite disturbing amounts of damage can still be classed as cat D and returned to the road, where as some old
  6. Do these warranties ever pay out? I don't suppose OP is coming back to update either.
  7. oh dear, 10k for a 4 year old high mile C-max. Definitely do as Connif suggests if you have the energy. They are taking the mickey.
  8. Had some advice from trading standards that it would be difficult to prove the car is unroadworthy based on the faults that were found. (Which surprised me considering it failed an MOT on 3 of them). However I can still take them to small claims court under the SOGA. I am awaiting a response from my card company about section 75. It looks likely I will have to go to court and see if a judge agrees with me or them. I'm not sure if the best way to do a claim is to use the MCOL or do it in paper as I now have lots of letters/evidence to submit.
  9. Did you make any progress with the section 75 or small claims court? Currently in the process of doing a section 75 myself. These dealers think they can run a business and accept no responsibility or risk at all.
  10. No progress yet, just an exchange of letters in which they don't address the issues. I will no longer speak to them as they say and promise verbally is different to what they have written in letter or actually done. Based on their general attitude I suspect this is not the first time they have done this. I've given them a final letter to respond to. I've advised my credit card company I want to dispute under section 75 as they are jointly liable. I've also contacted trading standards; they can't help directly they may investigate if they get enough complaints. If no solution
  11. They have offered a refund on purchase price of the car. They will not look at the car, they will not repair the car and they will not offer any contribution towards the repairs if I get them done. This is despite advertising it as having 6 months warranty. The problem is by accepting a refund I will be without a car as they sold my part-exchange already. I will be out of pocket for the service/inspection I had done and I will be out of pocket for the TAX on both cars - as the DVLA only refund complete momths I will lose out on the TAX refund of my old car for 1 month a
  12. Thank you. No it was verbally about the warranty. I have made a section 75 complaint to my card company now. I also gave both the card company and the dealer a letter detailing the complaint with the evidence I have. The air-conditioning it appears there is no gas in the system so it could be a simple fix. The the other issues just need resolving to bring the car up to standard, but they might argue these are wear and tear if you see my post on the 27th? I don't really want to reject the car as I would be considerably out of pocket now having had it taxed, serviced,
  13. The dealer in question promised they would look at the climate control for me and fix it for free, they gave me the number of a person to call and said he would do the work and they would take care of the bill. I have had no luck getting in contact with this person. I also have some additional concerns about the car so I decided to put the car in for a service and MOT locally to make sure it is OK. Now the car was sold to me with a current MOT until March 2016 and having only done a few hundred miles since its last MOT. However, it turns out the rear brakes discs are 'knackered',
  14. Hmm, interesting link, thank you. I'm quite reasonable, I don't expect a used car to be as new. But I don't see why I should be potentially paying out hundreds when I've only had the car 6 days and done 150 miles maximum. Clearly the air con system never worked from purchase.
  15. I paid on credit card and £800 was in part-exchange allowance for my old car. edit: I don't really have the money to start investigating the fault now. Some research I have done online suggests the lack of cold air could (hopefully) be something as simple as a lack of gas in the system (£50), but could equally be a broken air compressor which is potentially £££'s to fix! I mean it is a used car so I know fair wear and tear applies ,but really I'm annoyed as my old car was 15 years old with fully working air con. I'm also not sure how to approach the garage, either to ring t
  16. I bought a used car for £7000 with climate control which appeared to work on the test drive, but it was a cold day. Now I went to use it and it is only blowing warm air so the car is uncomfortably warm. The car was advertised as having climate control and air conditioning, being well maintained and with 6 months warranty. They have stated they only cover major engine and gearbox faults under warranty. They are a decent sized garage with about 50 - 60 cars for sale ranging from £1500 - £30,000. I've had the car a week and I'm otherwise happy with it. But if I had realized th
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