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  1. hi sorry brownguy is my brother, we use a shared computer. He's really upset today as he has had a CCJ put against him about rent arrears..and was on the forum earlier. I didn't realise he will still logged in and by accident posted on his username..apologies about that. Here is what I put: Hey so just an update..Halfords's solicitors suggested a mechanic who is £600 so it would be £300 each upfront paid..they sent me his expertise as such. And said they had had quotes of £2000-3000 so they felt this £600 quote they had' liased' to get was correct. I looked into the company and although th
  2. To update you all directions came to place..had mediation on Monday put my points across about them not finding a replacement, lack of advertising and also the case law you guys mentioned about frustration of contract..the landlord came back and said he didn't reply to the cpr 18 because he didn't know how to and basically he'll offer £2500 on monthly installments as a option. I also mentioned that when i rang the dps about my £300 deposit they said the estate agent used it towards rent arrears and held it and the landlord says he never got any of that money so as far as he's concerned h
  3. Hi thanks for the advice. I haven't chased her regarding the CPR but thought to note the act she has ignored it, but I wanted to know if i asked for evidence rather than information will the judge use this against me, or will he be open to the fact I am new to the law and a litigant in person? Directions forms have come now, but I had a question regarding the witnesses part of the form..if my witnesses give a statement in writing but are ill or sick what would happen? would i not be able to use their statements...or?
  4. well the woman asking for £4000+ and 2 years of court interest from me for this tenancy. Its a lot of money and if she can't provide even anymore info then i'd be questioning if she's inflated some of her costs and to be honest I have only just finished university so I do not have that money to repay her unless it was monthly i.e. £10 a month until paid off. How would i go about asking the court for a application?
  5. Hey guys just to update you..so I sent my defence off..and also adjusted the CPR request so it was just for information. I received no response to the CPR or my defence and just a letter saying 'the claimant wishes to proceed'. Can anything be done about the fact the claimant has not responded to the CPR with info?
  6. nope i think the op put that they have just put exactly what i said they're going to call upon a technical expert of vehicle maintence..im told by the OP aa and rac won't get involved in these things..so dot know who they'll use..OP can you eleborate? Either way I'm surprised Halfords won't go into settlement after they see the disclosure of your evidence..
  7. Any help appreciated, especially from the wise members on here. I've thought about it and if i can get a settlement for £500 i'll probably just settle..Thanks
  8. This is the CPR i want to post today..any opinions appreciated..aso do i need to post a copy to the court? Correspondance Address: x Claim Number: x Date: 17TH June 2015 (within court request date) Between: x (Claimant) and x(Defendant) Legal Notice CPR REGULATION PART 18 - REQUEST FOR FURTHER INFORMATION To: x Please answer the following questions: 1. Has the property been used by the Landlord or let to anyone else during the tenancy in question? Please provide evidence. 3: Please provide copies of the 2 tenancy documents and 2 guaran
  9. Statement of Defence 1. Firstly, it is admitted that the defendant signed a tenancy agreement in relation to the property at Flat 13 South Mews, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6GE, United Kingdom in approximately December 2012 as a student with his friend (co-tenant) for a tenancy to start in September 2013. The defendant is happy to respond to this address. The sole purpose of the tenancy agreement was to enable the defendant to attend the University of Derby’s sub campus in Buxton to study a BA Honours and the property in question was advertised as a student property. The estate agent represent
  10. Hi guys in the end..I rang MCOL yesterday and now were given contradicting final date..22nd..so I have posted my defence yesterday 1st class recorded to the courts..and the defendant. I believe this is the right practice? This is the final defence I sent..any opinions appreciated. I wanted to ask..the CPR18 that you gave steam, can the claimant refuse to answer my questions on it?
  11. Thanks Steam, well I tried to take out how much I could but I feel some points I need to say really. I appreciate your feedback as per point 7 so I may take that out. I'm going to post it on 17th so that i've done it pretty last minute
  12. Hi thanks CitizenB for confirming that. Well I have an audio recording of the phone call to MCOL if they try and give me the wrong date. I've started reading the CAG resources and it's some really useful stuff! Especially call recording. I'll have to start being more abrupt and recording people. I've tried to make the defence less thick and more to the point. Let me know what you think of this please guys and girls: . Statement of Defence Firstly it is admitted that the defendant signed a tenancy agreement in relati
  13. This is the defence i have written..i took what you said steam on board but added my own views..perhaps am wrong and you seem more experienced on here so i'd value your opinions..My mum said I may have been a bit verbose so any help would be appreciated. Statement of Defence 1. Firstly it is admitted that the defendant signed a tenancy agreement in relation to the property at Flat 13 South Mews, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6GE in approximately December 2012 as outlined by the claimant. The sole purpose of the tenancy agreement was to enable the
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