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  1. Thanks, but from what I've said in this thread, I am right aren't I? The money that the company has doesn't belong to me, and therefore shouldn't be classed as my capital, as it belongs to the business. Right? Thanks.
  2. And another reply from their benefits operations manager this time: Any ideas, as I know it will go in my favour at the tribunal stage, but if I can get this fixed before then, I'd rather do so, as this is just wasting time and of course leaving me with less money each way than I had before. Many thanks.
  3. Got another call, where they are stating that they are no longer treating me as self employed but as an employee, but still because I own shares in the company, I'm classed as having that asset. To break down the regulation into lamens terms, does that sound correct: (5) I have a position in the company similar to that of a sole owner and therefore I should be treated as a sole owner and in such case it should be disregarded due to me taking work within that business. That sound right? Obviously the fancy wording is a bit iffy when trying to explain it. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Not yet. It went from a benefits office to an appeal from within the council and went to their one and only appeals officer and I'm awaiting the formal response in the post and then I'm guessing the next stop is the tribunal? Worth me doing anything else in the mean time in terms of local government ombudsman or official complaint procedure? Thanks.
  5. That was the appeal. I even have my P60 next to me showing how much I earnt which was all through monthly pay like it has been for the last several years. Where do I go from here as they even admitted during the initial stage and appeals stage that they was unsure on the legislation and had to research into it. Filling me with no confidence whatsoever. Is there a body or regulator who I can go to, as apparently there is only one appeals officer, and that's who sent me the above in post #7. Thanks.
  6. And I'm back. After being told many times by the benefit officer that I'm self employed and me explaining that I'm an employee of the company, they have now come back to me stating: Any ideas on tackling this? It seems that one minute they want me as self employed when it suits them, and the next minute I'm not self employed when it suits them. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi, thanks for the reply. Upon looking at every other council, it seems this isn't the case. I don't have this £16,000 in my hand and don't just have free access to it. Can you find me any legislation that says this or otherwise? The whole point of me being a director is that the company is different to me and completely separate. Thanks, Dom.
  8. Hey, thanks for the reply. I am a director and there is another shareholder but that's it. There are small investors but unofficially, as they will be paid back, and was family and friends when the business started. Thanks, Dom.
  9. Hi all. I'm new here but I'm hoping that I can get a little information as it seems a bit of a grey area. I recently had my benefit stopped for housing and council tax benefit as after being requested for my company accounts for last year I did so and have been told that because the profits are above £16,000 (the threshold), I am not entitled to any benefit. Is this right? I ask because this money isn't mine, it's the company of which I am a director of. Hoping for some facts please as I'm still building my business hence the profit that was retained in there. Many thanks in adv
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