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  1. no my friends no fmotl stuff .lol that saying if its true good to be true then more then likely it is not the fmotl stuff i think is an adaptation of are rights as human beings with a twist and yes i have hard about tom with his house .the bailiffs obstruction i can understand that it could not be illegal so to speech other then breach of the peace .im on about the TVL door step officers that like to come round and tell you you need a licence .when they show up with the police like with a bailiff but they have a search warrant to search the house for av equipment that can receive live broadcasts.its not a new law they have phased in its the fact that cappta have a thing going on with our court system there in partnership along side the court system hence why they can git a warrant with rights to enter in to the property to search it with Little or no evidence then the fact that i mite be evading so there could be some money to make and some 1 to prosecute .if you kick up a stink using your rights like to remain silent
  2. UPDATE hi all i have an up date after a lot of calls to and from different courts i phoned the court that issued the fine. after speaking with a few peps i spoke to a lady who offered me a date to go court again and plead guilty as never had kowlidge of second summons.i stated that the person on the summons wanted to go to trial to prove there not guilty. the lady informed me she would email me a court date for that event. 4 months down the line and a few calls to chase it up there still is no court date .and im guessing there wont be as the case was a shamble to start with. if i took the date to plead guilty that would of bean 2days after i made the call lol. how ever have had the tvl letter about the address being unlicensed and to inform them of the occupiers name and stuff by the 30th or they will hand it over to a enforcement officer to come out.great fun gona make sure im around when they visit to let them in to inspect the av equipment in its present configuration as it is set up not to receive live tv broadcasts. ariel socket on back of tv set is crimpd shut so no coax can be connected to receive live tv. shame i had to kinda brake a descent tv set just so there ant a chance of braking the law. but its better to be safe then sorry now days as the tvl have developed a new strategy of search warrants to enter the property they git them easy and 9/10 unlawfully and all tho it is not a proper warrant you can still git in trouble and prosecuted for obstructing it as in if i was to stand there and argue that it is not a valued warrant and they have no power unless i consent etc.. you can actually then git done for obstructing a warrant and git fined 5000 pounds so there come up with new ways to still money from pepole...
  3. i had a call but not from TVL but from a [problem] number that cost me 3pound to ring back as i thort i had missd ther call so rung it back and wernt them was a so called comp to win £1000.very wired as it called me with in the times i told TVL i was able to talk between 1-3PM 2day and at 2.45 i had the miss call mmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol. no call from them will phone again in the week and record the convo .i think ther stalling aswel because the 2 year time frame for TVL to cheack and see if you need a TVL still after informing them 2years ago in august that the property dose not need 1 as ther is no live tv is approching
  4. UP DATE just got of the phone with TVL i called them up explained the situation and the man did not sound that interested but was ok he said he would forward it to the field team>>>>> to have it all wiped .i am going to receive a call tomorrow to conferm it has bean done i will also ask them to send a letter out to also conferm and for my friends records. it has bean delt with i also told the man to write down on the notes that if this matter is not dealt with then i would be taking legal action . i have a friend who can help me with that thankfully .it took 5mins of my time to make the call so fingers crossed it all git sorted . will keep you all posted thank you for your help guys so far will be making donation very soon as well
  5. should i pay the fine for her then sue the court via the people that handle it as i know you cant sue the court its self as there a government body. and TVL for the distress they have put my friend thru? AND marstons for harassment? in a worse case where no one will take the blame for a big mess up???? not that i want to do that was just a last option.what do you guys think?
  6. (cut a long story prier to the stat dec ) we first became awaer of a fine when mr hcea knockd and askd for other person told them dont no who that was and askd what it was regarding . at 1st he wouldint tell me then was asking who i was ect.. i never give him any info other then im not obildged to say sir he got really ****y with me then i took his name and said i was gona phone his compny to git them to take the address of ther system. he told me to phone hmcs of the area im in to find out why he was ther . in doing so discoverer that ther was a court case to do with TVL .speechd the court the man said that my friend would have to make a stat dec and it should be delt with as that is not her .he told mr that all the paper work would git sent back to the other court who would then send it back to TVL who then should drop it then never herd nothing until a summons come for my friend in her name and admittance form. with other persons info but summons in my friends name again i phoned co ex plane she had already made a stat dec and this should not be in her name. again got put on hold.then got the the knock at door with same dude he ask for my friend by her 1st name no sir name i recognised him said the same as b4 and he said she use to live her thats when i joint this form for more help
  7. that is what is going on i think as after the stat dec all the same stuff come back other then the TVL blue admittance form with her info d .o .b name ect... on it so a new summons and case was made based up on the old case on the other name .even on the admittance form with other name it had stat dec declared on it in brackets at the top .but still with the the other persons name .thank you guys for all your help any more would be a great help gone phone the other courts 2moz be for the bank holiday and see what they say ...will keep you posted guys will try dig out the the admittance form and upload it
  8. hi renegadeimp she already made 1 stat dec 2do with the other name so are you saying to make another 1 Staten that she has no knowledge of the new 1 as they are both linked for same offence my friend so she couldn't state that she do not live ther as she do do that make sense ?the lady on the phone said to ask TVL what evidence they have for her witch would be the same as it was for the other im gitin confused my self and i only have a week left be for enforcement is re issued when she made the 1st stat dec it was not under oth ether the judge just askd her to sign a bit of paper .THANK you for your input
  9. have to phone tvl and speech them about all of this for them to with draw the conviction or somthing or i will be going round in circles .phone the courts again 2day to see what they herd back and the told me to phone TVL what do i say to them?
  10. hi caledfwlch yes it is on the addmitance form i haveint got the paper work around me at the moment but from what i can remember is that the n i number is writen on the blue form at the bottom in brackets and also little foot notes stating a payment had bean made on the spot and a payment plan was set out ect,, but that was add on think its in blue and signature is in black going to the doctors 2day with her to git a letter stating she is vun as she has nothad an appointment with her shrink yet only just got her started with support and stuff .as she was scared to git help sooner thru the fear of having her kids taken in to care by the ss as she thort that coz she suffer from mantel health they would see her unfit to be a mum and her kids are her life as she cant have any more not even with nhs if they offered ivf ect..because of her mantel health . but have sorted all that now as she a good mum and shes got all the support now
  11. i heard from a good sorce that capita also are part of our private court scams we are seeing now days .good way of making an income find a name take the name to court then no matter what evidence find the name guilty and extort money from the name as in its all a swindle its happing with evictions and stuff with banks and stuff sorry to go off topic slightly . Back to the subject i will be phoning the courts back in the week and find out what the other court has said also will be obtaining the other courts number and TVL and asking that if they do not write of the debit and distress warrant then i wish for a hearing to be held at a court near to where my friend is as the other court is around 80 miles away to fight the case thru . and why im waiting will contact the correct onubisman to log a complainant. also correct me if im wrong as my friend has bean fined for some 1 else do that mean that ther also taking on the conviction?????as that would need to be amended as my friend has not committed a crime
  12. hi thanks for your input guys .caledfwlch the TVL man had visited the address of my friend whom she has never seen or spoke to since she has bean at the address .the n i number is hers the signiture isint nor is the name or date of birth .my friend has mad no admittance at all to watching live tv at any point .why she has bean at her home since 2013 but the copy of the same offence but still not in her name and wrong date of birth and a summons in her name with her date of birth is on file the only thing we can come up with is that it must of bean the x baby sitter .that was a class a drug user what we found out and then lost contact with them. as that would be the only way that they could have my friends n i number on the paper work around that time as they would of bean the only person in the premises it even states that they made a payment of 6pounds and that the TVL man see them flicking thru the channels ect...this is all a surprise and is a mess ..still not hard back from the courts ether .
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