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  1. Anyway, my intention to start this topic was to know if this is legal and if there is anything I could do force EE to exchange my device without this software.
  2. It's much more than just that. “The software is extremely flexible. It’s a tiny piece of code which is a part of the BIOS. As far as it is a piece of the BIOS, it is not very easy to update the software as often. So they made it very extensible. It can do nearly anything. It can run every type of code. You can do to the system whatever you want. Considering that the software is running on these local system privileges, you have full access to the machine. You can wipe the machine, you can monitor it, you can look through the webcam, you can actually copy any files, you can start new proc
  3. I'm not sure if you are reading my posts because if you did I wouldn't need to repeat myself. I would happily change my phone if EE decide to take this phone back and cancel my contract which they wouldn't unless I paid off my entire remaining monthly charge. And no, they did not mention anything about software or it's capabilities. Anyone using a phone knows well that EE is not responsible for lost phones and if my phone was lost I'll contact my insurance not EE. EE could block the phone like all other networks this has nothing to do with this phone. My phone has 'find my phone' with tr
  4. Who decides for the larger population? Surely, if the larger population want this then ask and give a choice. It is enforced and like myself the larger population are unaware about this software. If I knew about this I would choose to protect my privacy over a phone. My girlfriend is unhappy about this so is most of the people I discussed but luckily they don't have it because they either have a iPhone or purchased from non ee store.
  5. This is why I have a problem. They installed a spyware on my phone without my consent and I now risk thrashing my perfect credit history. I am not willing to wait for them to take me to court because they wouldn't bother knowing they risk more people using this to cancel contracts. Surely this is against basic human rights law, they can't monitor my phone this way. This software would remain in my phone indefinitely. I am surprised how people are for falling for this surveillance device as a good thing. EE couldn't care what happened to my devices if I didn't take out insurance and
  6. Interesting reply from EE representative: "Just to clarify, this new app has been installed on some Android phones to help EE tackle fraud. That means that if someone steals your identity to buy a phone from us, we can remotely disable that phone so that it can’t be used by fraudsters.* * As we only ever need to use the app if fraud has happened, it will have no impact on genuine customers at all. So that the app can effectively fight fraud, however, it can’t be removed. We’re afraid that the mention of 'location data'*in the app description*could be confusing. EE is absolutely
  7. They can brick it anyway by blocking the phone. If I want to find my phone I would use "find my phone" which I control why would I want a app I have no access to or control over? This app can be used for more than just tracking or disabling the phone. This whole recovery is a lie and why would they need to protect against fraud installing a app in my phone which is a upgrade. Surely, I've been with EE for long enough to be considered genuine customer not a fraud. What happened to not guilty until proven guilty? EE wouldn't even accept they installed this app.
  8. None of that works. It reinstalls itself again soon as I connect to the Internet.
  9. No, it's not possible to remove it. I tried rooting the phone, changing firmware I even tried deleting the folder using adb. EE mention the product remains there property and I can't sell in the first 6 months. Even if this was enforceable the software would remain in my phone? I don't trust EE to have a software in my phone which can potentially be used for more than advertised. The software is capable of doing more than just finding my phone. Anyone thinking this is a good thing sorry to say but since when EE become bothered about customer losing there phone unless you have insur
  10. Hello everyone, I have been reading up on this forum for few years never had the chance to post or thank for the great help with appealing my car penalty notices so thank you to all. My today's question: I recently upgraded my phone with EE and after hearing from my friend I checked my phone to find a software called 'computrace agent' which potentially can be used to spy, send text messages or even disable my phone. According to EE this is to protect them and me from fraud but they never said this to me before? If I want to protect my phone I can choo
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