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  1. 1 & 3 will depend entirely on what 2 is. Quite excited to see what the Mechanic says.
  2. I will do this ASAP once I have the van back. I'll keep you updated.
  3. I don't have proof that Renault has inspected the van. I have requested a copy of the report. I have no other choice but to accept back a broken van. The trader wins this time.
  4. There is no other loss other than time and fuel having to return the vehicle back to them. The van has been seen by main Renault garage and it seems that they have diagnosed the vehicle as faultless. I am beyond confused. The trader up to this point as been constantly telling me that it is I who is inducing the fault by changing the gearbox myself manually when I have expressed numerous times that I was simply emulating what the van does in automatic. I've been consulting the Renault forums and they all believe that the gearbox is failing or isn't operating as it should. A crunch should not be felt or heard during downshifts. The dealer said I shouldn't force the gearbox down from 2nd to 1st despite it does it in automatic mode. This is what a forum member said in regards to that (and other extracts): "It's supposed to change into 1st at speeds less than 7 km about 4/5 mph." "I cant believe it does not have synchro on first, don't think I have seen a car/light commercial in the last 30 years that did not have synchro on first and anyway its the box that's changing down not you." "No. Nothing to do with your driving style. Box failing." As I have said earlier, I have consulted a gearbox specialist (specifically these gearboxes) and a local garage to me who performs manual conversions on these vans and they have both confirmed that first gear does have a synchro and that it is probably damaged, or possible the synchro hub. I have formally rejected the car, admittedly via e-mail only as to see if the trader would address this or to see if he would purposely infringe my rights by having me believe otherwise. I know the van is busted but he is telling me that I should collect within reasonable time. It doesn't help when a Renault garage is saying it's faultless but what makes me suspicious is that he values the Renault diagnosis over my own sources as "they are the ones who manufacture the product" despite the necessary experience my sources have. The garage can be just as clueless as anyone else, it's not as if the employees as this Renault garage are the individuals who have personally designed, engineered and manufactured this vehicle. I'm at a loss of what to do. I'm not collecting a gearbox crunching van .
  5. This is what confuses me. I spoke to a gearbox specialist and a local garage just to confirm what the trader said. I was told that it does have a synchro for first gear and that this gearbox is the same as the manual gearbox internally. I'm not entirely convinced that one should drive in such a way to accommodate a mechanical fault.
  6. I've had a reply from the trader and here are some relevant extracts from the e-mail: Having left the van with us we would of course said we would be in touch to give you an update as soon as we had some valid news. No specific dates were mentioned. We tested the van ourselves and could not find fault in the way the van should be driven given that it has an automatic gearbox. This gearbox has no syncro in first gear and consequently should not be changed down manually from 2nd gear to 1st whilst the car is moving as you appear to do. To satisfy everyone we then booked the car into a Renault Main Agent for the gearbox to be tested and reported on. The earliest date available was Tuesday 2nd June. I feel there is no reason to return your money as all issues are being dealt with. Thoughts?
  7. I will keep you updated as you've invested your time and interest. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the reply buddy. My concern here is keeping a smooth relationship between the trader and I. I agree that I may be somewhat pussy footing, but this is in an effort to not introduce hate in to the mixture as the trader can drag this out as long as he legally can, which will cause further inconvenience to me. I will do as you advise, thank you.
  9. I took the vehicle for repairs on the 26th May 2015 (Tuesday) to demonstrate the issue to the mechanic on a short test drive. He seemed convinced that it was simply my driving technique that caused the crunch despite the fact it's a semi automatic. After a while I think he realised that there is in fact an issue with the van. He said that the van will be seen by a Renault mechanic by 29th May 2015 the latest. I called today and was told it is now booked in for the coming Tuesday (2nd June 2015). It's causing me an inconvenience at this point as I feel this issue may drag on unnecessarily. I'm not at all blaming the trader of intentionally selling me a faulty van but I'm just not prepared to have to go through all these loops and hoops. I have 3 days remaining until it'll be a solid 2 weeks since the purchase date. What are my rights in asking for a refund under SOGA whilst maintaining a fair and understanding relationship with the dealer? Thanks.
  10. I have just spoke to the guy on the phone and he has suggested that I should bring the van to them next week Tuesday, seems a bit far away but it's a fair request none the less. Phone call was straight forward and pleasant. He said he spoke to his mechanic and that he said the gearboxes in these vans can be problematic as well as saying that they used the van themselves for a period of time and this fault wasn't present, strange. He said they may have to refer the van to the actual dealer (Renault) if they cannot pin-point the issue. There was no discussion as to whom will cover this cost. Is it fair to assume it will be them? Thanks.
  11. The amount of stuff she takes with her would happily fit in the back of my Yaris. If this helps at all.
  12. The van would be more for commuting as such. She takes one bag with her full of utensils and a small box no higher than my shin with food. It's not filled to the brim or used to carry massive amounts of goods. Just a few bits of bacon, sausages, butter. Those kind of things.
  13. I'm not entirely sure on the insurance as my Father done it. The frozen food is because my mother has a small burger van in an industrial estate. She was using an Audi Estate to bring the small bits and pieces she needs daily. The van will do this job now.
  14. The van was registered to me and not to a business. The van was bought to move frozen food around and for my mother to drive as her current car just died. It's been insured via Directline as any other car would be.
  15. How would you advise me in discussing this with the dealer? - I'm not a fan of confrontation and I imagine these guys are well versed when it comes to situations like these and therefore know what to say to manipulate the situation to their liking? Thanks.
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