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  1. I really want to submit a witness statement but: 1. The deadline was 29 October and I don't know what to do 2. I have no idea how to put one together. Can I still send it even though the deadline has passed and how do I go about writing one? TIA!
  2. Ok, I'll do side by side comparison; although I did check based on the dates on the statement they sent me but it didn't match. I'll check it again just to be double sure
  3. That's what I thought and I have checked all of my accounts but cannot find any such payments to Lowell.
  4. I have checked all of my accounts and I cannot find any such payments to Lowell. I don't recall dealing with them with any other debt back then although I did deal with Red Debt Collection Agency but I don't recall making payments to them. I also had dealings with CapQuest and Lewis Group, I think.
  5. Thanks again guys, I managed to sort it out although I'm not sure I redacted properly!
  6. These are the relevant docs. The other docs I did not scan are a copy of my original credit agreement and a thick pile of summary statements of account. They claim in their witness statement that the statements of account is between October 2002 and May 2015; however, what they have in the pile is between October 2002 and May 2012, and from 2005, the statement shows the same amount repeatedly until May 2012!!
  7. I've been trying to upload the docs for a while now but it's just not happening! Ugh! I'll keep trying. Thanks guys!
  8. My apologies, I meant witness statement, I really am not thinking straight. The court stated in their letter that "each party must deliver to the other party and to the court office copies of all documents on which that party intends to rely at the hearing, no later than 29 October."
  9. Thanks so much guys. @andyorch I don't recall making payments to them. I did go back to check my bank statements and didn't see anything payments to Lowell, unless they were called something else back then! On a scarier note, I've only gone and totally messed up! The deadline for submitting my defence was 29 October and I have missed that. I guess that's it then isn't it as I doubt there is anything I can do now. I've had so much going on that I completely forgot to keep track of the deadline. Is there anything else I can do now?
  10. Hi all, it has been a while since I provided an updated on what's going on. This whole thing is just dragging on and on! I received BC's statement in the post a few days ago, complete with a document showing that I made some payments to Lowell in 2010! Now, I find this rather interesting considering I sent a CCA request to Lowell and a CPR request to BC. At the time, I heard nothing from Lowell and BC told me that were not obligated to send me anything! They have essentially stated that the debt is not statute barred and that there will be no rep
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