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  1. It all started in Jan 14 when my dad sadly passed away and we had to start the process of finding and reading his will,thankfully he had left one with his solicitor as executor,which was all fine we let all the people know that needed to be notified DWP included.The solicitor had to put a notice in the paper which had to be in for 2 months,3 days before the notice expires the DWP got in touch with the solicitor telling him not to distribute any money's as they were investigating my dads case to see if he was overpaid any benefits, he was 81 when he died and had worked most of his life until he became ill,the DWP wanted info from 2003 upto 2014,this is why it has been so long but by may this year i had had enough as i could not draw a line it was as if i could not move forward and get on with my life, and got in touch with my local MP and i got a letter back yesterday they have finally finished there investigations and have written to the solicitor to say that he can now finalize.My advice for anybody else going through this get your MP involved as when the solicitor wrote to the DWP it did not make them go any quicker.And yes the DWP did want some money repaid but not much, so i feel like a big weight has been lifted and at last can move forward ......thanks to all who gave me the advice on here x
  2. well just got a letter from my local MP and the DWP have written back to him and they have finally sorted what they want from my dads estate,so it is defo worth getting your MP involved,after 17 months we can now have closure.
  3. Just thought i would give you all an update.I wrote to my MP last week and i got a letter this morning informing me that he has written to the DWP telling them its a disgrace that we have not heard from them in over a year and to get there finger out,lets see what happens now,i suppose now that i will be investigated as i my self am on benefits due to ill health:oops:
  4. It was my dads wishes,the solicitor told us from the off that his charges are £200 an hour, the solicitor has said he will not charge any more because of the DWP,dragging it out but we will see.The solicitor has written to them but they dont reply or when they do they ask for more information as if punishment for trying to hurry them,I am not bothered about the money i just want to be able to have closure so that i can move on,but you just dont know what they will ask for next,my dad worked all his life until he became ill,it just makes me so angry that you can be treated like this.
  5. out of the £19k will be the funeral which was £2770.plus solicitor fees which will be £4000,
  6. The ISA that my dad had was declared to the DWP we used to send isa statements along with bank statements,twice a year for the last 3yrsand his pension credit was adjusted acordingly,the only time he had more than £16k was when the isa's were cashed in after death ,plus life insurance which took the estate up to about £19k
  7. HE had an isa and all the money is now with the solicitor,is that what you meant ?
  8. They used to ask my dad for bank statements every six months which he provided,and when i phoned to speak to the DWP all they would say is we cant talk to you as you are not the executor. and when the solicitor writes to them they don't even respond, I have just sent an email to my local mp to see if he can help.
  9. Hello Iam new to this so hope you can help My dad passed away in Jan 2014,he left a will and his solicitor is the executor of his will,it was put in the paper for 8wks, 5 days before it was to be sorted the DWP sent a letter to the solicitor asking him not to distribute any money as they were looking at my dads case.My dad was on dla,pension credit,housing benefit,council tax benefit plus 2 small private pensions,in total there was about 13,000 to be split between my brother,sister and myself,they have asked for bank statements from 2003 and have sent a letter asking us if we no what my dad had done with money from 2009,2011,212,and 2013,my dad never ever told us what he did with his money it was his buisness and thats what we have told the dwp,it is now may 2015 and still we dont know if they want money back or not they do not communicate with the solicitor even when he writes to them,so my quetion is how long is his likley to go on for as we cannot draw a line and move forward,it is especially hard for me as i found my dad and i just want to move forward.soory if this is a bit long winded but i wanted to give all the facts. t hanks for reading liz.
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